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    Endless problems and already cost me 2k in 5 months - and still issues :(

    I am having endless problems with my A4 1.8T sline (190) - (cvt) i looked for 6 moths had 2 long hour test drives checked all history all tied up with audi records, genuine mileage 66k, all worked spot on for 2 month then.... firstly the tensioner pully had to be replaced £200 then the 6 plate...
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    CVT problem please help! A4 1.8T (190) SLINE

    I have a problem with the cvt box , my garage say its the torque converter (which i believe is the cluch in an auto????) basically when i pull off it does a judder very slight and occasionally in other gears............ anyway i need a specialist in the midlands to have a look and do the works...
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    1.8t (190) s line burning 1l oil every 1000miles????

    Hi guys, I have just had to top up the oil again after 1000 miles (1 litre exactly), my mechanic says this is fine and it is noted in the owners manual (which I don't have), is this correct as i am going to have to top up every 1000 miles (12 times a year plus oil changes?) The oil pump, pick...
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    JJ26's A4 1.8t (190) S Line

    After a few weeks of ownership I have had some time to get the car back up to scratch ( almost ). my first job was replacing the front armrest lid which I bought for a small fortune from Audi dealer , along with the original badges for the rear ( prev owner had put S4 badge one the back) … I...
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    Show me your tail pipes!

    Guys I am looking to replace the pathetic looking tail pipes on my s line saloon. could you please post pics and size of tail pipe please to help me with my decision. thank you.
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    New armrest ... But how do I fit it?

    Hi i have purchased a new leather top lid arm rest as mine is broken for the bargain price of £77.65 from Audi :( they said that it just pulls out but I cannot figure out how to get the lid off any ideas or tips please?
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    Mirror dipping and correct badge layout questions

    Hi guys sorry about more questions I have done a search and can't find what I am looking for. I have factory fitted reverse sensors ( I believe ?) but when I reverse the passenger side wing mirror dipped automatically but now it doesn't and I can't find a way to get it working again? (...
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    New owner of 1.8t (190) S line ... Few pics & questions

    Hi, Firstly here are a few picks from when I viewed the car ( I pick it up Friday :) ) I have a few questions too; is there an iPod (aux) plug in on the stereo? I think it's a symphony system built in 6 cd? also I have been told by my garage that I should have an oil change as soon as I...
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    Jonahjones26 just bought an Audi!

    Hi all today I have put a deposit down on an A4 1.8t (190) S Line and I love it. i have been looking for months since the birth of my daughter but didn't want to get a dad car as previously I had my two toyotas celica as daily driver and supra TT as my pride and joy and the A4 is a great...