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    Nice one, thanks chaps. Adam
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    Possible? Seen a lovely S3 near me, great condition and fantastic price but it's got tints, which to be honest aren't really my cup of tea. So can you remove them easily/cheaply? Cheers, Adam
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    S3 Insurance...

    [ QUOTE ] Thanks for the info chaps, I think I'll be going with greenlight but will give the others a call first. Has anyone asked for trackday cover from greenlight and prices etc? I'm guessing the email quotes from greenlight don't do it as written proof? [/ QUOTE ] Trackday from...
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    Brembo GT kit instructions

    Would of thought it's VERY similar to fitting the porker brakes ... the ecstuning website has some guides to help out. Adam
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    Just been to see a S3

    Nice looking car that ... and not too daft on the price, for a dealer. Adam
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    Difficulty Selling my S3

    [ QUOTE ] Good news and bad news! It sold on pistonheads in just a few hours! Thank you ever so much for pointing me to the web site Adam! I sold it for 9900 - which is a bargain for the buyer I think. Wish I could have held out for more - but it has been up for sale for over a month and I...
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    210 or 225 How do i know ?

    [ QUOTE ] so it being a facelift would make no difference ? Matt [/ QUOTE ] Nope ... mine was a facelift, AMK engine code = 210BHP .. they both chip to the same power anyway The engine code is also stamped on the engine block, on the left IIRC. Adam
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    Difficulty Selling my S3

    Tried Pistonheads mate? Mine sold on there... Get some pics of the seats too .. people always worry about seat wear. HTH Adam
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    Wheel spacers

    Spacers make the car look great IMO !! I ran 10mm fronts and 16mm rears on my S3 and it just made the whole car look 'fatter' Biggest pain was cutting down all the bolts to fit as sourcing decent quality bolts in the right length seemed impossible at the time. mine from Forge - not...
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    Crash Bang Wallop what an accident

    Jesus! 2nd crash in that car isn't it? V unlucky.... Makes me mad to see the consquences of other's poor driving, could of been serious injury (or worse) just because some doesn't look where they're going. Nearly got rear ended this morning in the VX because some prat behind me was too busy...
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    Common S3 problems please

    In the 9 months I had my S3 I had: - MAF - Coolant sensor - Clutch slave cylinder Adam
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    Help! Symphony II Headunit Double Din Size

    [ QUOTE ] No I think you have to replace the whole centre console fascia, or swap it out with someone who's looking to do the reverse. The OTS fascia adapters are purely to fill in the side bits of the single DIN unit (which has an oversized fascia) when going aftermarket. [/ QUOTE ] ^^^^...
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    Intercooler for sale

    [ QUOTE ] Sold mine but i let it go for peanuts. Wonder if i'd be able to keep up with the vx? [/ QUOTE ] S3 weighs what? 1400Kg? 257BHP/tonne My VX is 247BHP and 930Kg so 265BHP/tonne ...close call! Reckon the S3 would have me top end, VX seems to slow up a bit after 130 especially with...
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    The S3 is sold

    Mine is sold now too ... someone finally took the time to actually come see it and realise what a good example it is. No haggline, put a deposit on it that evening - obviously had it up too cheap despite what I was being told on here I'm sure I'll be back though, if Audi ever get the new S3...
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    Removing road tar

    [ QUOTE ] any good paint and panel supplier should sell TFR (traffic film remover) spray it on, leave for a couple of mins then hose off then continue to clean it as normal. works great on bugs and wheel dust too! just dont ****** off for dinner and leave it on thinking the longer its on the...
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    Minimum oil level - DIS

    Same opinion here...dont wait for the light. Met up with a fellow S3 owner on here a while back, there was no oil showing on the stick at all and the ****** light still hadn't come on!!! Personally my S3 barely uses a drop, maybe 1/2 a litre in 10k miles. Some do, some dont - weird. Adam
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    FMIC questions...

    ..well s3mon's spare FMIC is now on my desk..and seeing as my S3 is going it's surplus to requirements. If anyone wants it, pm me. Cheers, Adam
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    EIP Haldex Controller

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] If anyone is interested I will be selling my performance haldex unit in the next few days (someone has 1st refusal on it right now) for £475 ... £135 cheaper than the group buy price. [/ QUOTE ] Why are you selling? [/ QUOTE ] Because I'm selling my car and it's worth...
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    Sorry chaps...sorted now. Adam
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    4 bar fuel pressure regulator?

    [ QUOTE ] Yeah but did u have a TTDA installed at the time. U need a TTDA for it to work optimum I think. Hey Monty you've got a TTDA and MOFO, did you find it got a bit more laggy? [/ QUOTE ] I ran TTDA, MOFO and boost machine with 4 bar FPR. Butt dyno felt gains all over the rev range...