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  1. Daniel1512

    dsg gearbox repair or recondition

    i have a problem with my Q5 dsg gearbox with it thumping when i come to a stop does anyone know a good place to have a look at it and to see if it does need a new mech or clutch pack Audi say it needs a new mech and clutch pack at 5k cost... if thats the cast then the car is getting traded in...
  2. Daniel1512

    q5 mesh grille 2008 - 2011 vs q5 mesh grille 2012-2014

    i have a Q5 2011 and want to change the front grille for a rs style mesh black and chrome grille, Ive had a look on ebay and i can find loads of Q5 2012+ grilles that are around £200 but there isn't many 2008-2011 grilles and the 1's ive found are not the right colour or they are £300 plus so...
  3. Daniel1512

    audi say they cant check gear box oil level

    hi need some help my car is in with audi Harold hill and i asked them to check the gear box level and they said they cant they have to drain all the oil out and then refill .. this sounds like bs to me anyone know if this true
  4. Daniel1512

    Q5 TDI 3.0 exhaust sound

    Hi everyone, I have a Q5 3.0 tdi and was wondering is there anyway to get a better sound out of the exhaust as it is very quiet as most diesel are Most people I speak to say there isn’t much that can be done but I thought you guys may have found that there is
  5. Daniel1512

    new custom Q5 3.0tdi remap

    So when I bought my Q5 3.0TDI special edition I went straight to AMD for a remap which to be fair wasn’t the best experience The remap took about 20 mins which I thought was very quick They couldn’t get the car to dyno properly because there rolling road is not a linked rolling road so they...
  6. Daniel1512

    Q5 gearbox jolt when coming to a stop

    Hi guys any idea on what this maybe When the car is cold I get s jolt when the gearbox comes to a stop but once the car warms up I don’t get it Ive had something like when I first bought the car and it was a new mechatronic but the jolt was there all the time warm or cold Any ideals
  7. Daniel1512

    biltstein shocks cheap

    i bought these on amazon yesterday as im in the process of lowering my q5 and replacing the shocks i had to buy the fronts elsewhere but this saved me over £100 these are normally £130 each 2 Bilstein B8 Shock Absorbers Item Number 24-145992 for Sprint A4 8K2 B8 Installation Location 158.4 HA...
  8. Daniel1512

    Q5 Audi Q5 mesh front grill

    hi peeps im looking at replacing my front grill with a mesh type grill but seem to having trouble finding 1 ive got a q5 2011 sline 3.0tdi i can find 1 from china but cant see to find any uk stockest im after something like this black and chrome...
  9. Daniel1512

    Q5 mods

    Hi peeps I’ve got an q5 3.0tdi 240bhp I’ve had it remapped an upgraded air filter Its at about 300bhp rolling road Is there any other option to push it a bit further in terms of power Thanks
  10. Daniel1512

    Q5 steering wheel shudders when turning

    hello everyone When I reverse off my drive into the road I get a shudder coming through the steering wheel it also does it when I turn the steering wheel right to left and left to right I’ve had 2 garages look at this and the both blame my wheels and tyres which are not standard q5 wheels...
  11. Daniel1512

    Good indi in barking essex area

    Hi peeps Can someone recomend a good audi specialist in and around barking/essex area. I've used Peter breading before but he is just to far away and I need 1 more local to me Many thanks
  12. Daniel1512

    Q5 Egr valve clean or replace

    It looks like I have an egr valve error Trouble codes: P040100 - Exhaust Gas Recirc.Flow Insufficient Detected Intermittent Date: 2018-06-13 17:46:05 Priority: 2 Malfunction frequency counter: 17 Unlearning counter: 255 Engine speed: 1353.00 1/min Normed load value: 57.3 %...
  13. Daniel1512

    Q5 Poor Gear change

    Do any other q5 owners have this. When coming to a stop ive noticed the car likes to stay in 2nd gear until a complete stop then on mine it shifts into first gear and you get a slight bump from the gear change I've had the mecatronic unit replaced and I've taken my car back 3 times for them to...
  14. Daniel1512

    Q5 This don't like right after remap

    Had my car remapped yesterday and when it came off the roller it said I needed diesel which I thought was very strange as there was over quarter of a tank when I took it in there so I put £60 in and now it says it's full all the time but driving today I noticed the Speedo was wrong look at the...
  15. Daniel1512


    Hi all Just took my car to AMD is Essex for a remap but my audi q5 3.0tdi wouldn't go above 3.5k rpm the guy gave me figures at 3.5k which was 252bhp 478ft torque he said they have had this a few times before with audi's but it shouldn't affect the tune which should be about 300bhp Anyone have...
  16. Daniel1512

    New member

    Hi everyone im new hope you are all well