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  1. evapor8

    New MMI Touch to debut in A3 in the next few years

    CES 2011: Next generation MMI, Touch debuting on Audi A3 — Autoblog A definite step forward I think. Chris
  2. evapor8

    Car won't unlock using unlock button on key / key won't start car!!

    Morning all. Just come back from 5 days away. Car was parked at airport. I flew back late yesterday afternoon, walked to car, opened it as normal, and drove home. No problems at all. This morning, I go to car, and it's not opening using the buttons on the key. The key itself obviously...
  3. evapor8

    Recent mods to my Black Edition and a shout out to Oxford Audi

    I'm in the UK at the moment, and driving up and down the country visiting a few friends as well as getting some work done to my car. First problem was a low coolant light shortly after I got off the boat in Weymouth last Friday night, but it went away so I ignored it! Then the oil light came...
  4. evapor8

    A3 1st year service, S3 grill fitment and ambient lighting module

    Dave, I'm up in the North West mid-March, and would like to sort the following whilst I'm around your way: 1. 1st year service for my 3-door 2009 A3 2.0 TFSI; 2. I have an S3 optic grill that needs fitting; 3. Supply an ambient/map reading lighting module in black. Could I have prices for...
  5. evapor8

    Part numbers for interior trim required (if someone has a mo)

    Afternoon guys. I'm looking to replace my piano black inlays in my 2009 3-door A3 with either the matt-brushed or medial aluminium trim. I'll also be getting rid of my ashtray at the same time. I know the ashtray delete part number (for the black rubber one) is: 8P0 863 301 A 4PK I think...
  6. evapor8

    Trying to price up a few mods - get a pro or enthusiast to fit them?

    Hello guys. I'm getting closer to the time that I'll be bringing my car to the UK for a bit of blast (gets a bit tedious driving everywhere at a maximum 35mph!) So, as my sig suggests, there's a few things I want to do to the car whilst it's in the UK: 1. Fit Audi bluetooth and SDS; 2. Fit...
  7. evapor8

    Just fitted my TT air vents!

    After waiting 10 days for them to arrive and breaking 3 finger nails and shredding one finger removing the old vents, I now have my Audi TT air vents fitted. Many thanks to Cryptic23 for his guidance on the ebay seller and hints on how to fit them! A little expensive for a cosmetic change...
  8. evapor8

    Possible A3/TT recall? Anyone know whether the UK might be included in this recall? Chris
  9. evapor8

    RNS-E nav dvd's - what's on each disk?

    Evening guys. I have a 2009 disc 1 for my RNS-E, but not disc 2. Am I right in thinking that disc 1 has Western Europe, and disc 2 Eastern Europe ..... or is it not that simple? Cheers, Chris
  10. evapor8

    Stealth RS4 - black on black on black!

    Just in case you missed this ..... wowsers! Chris
  11. evapor8

    Anyone bought an RNS-E from car_navi_parts?

    My chrome-buttoned RNS-E has just arrived from Lithuania :thumbsup: Meant to be a key code in with it, but can't see it. There are a couple of 4 digit numbers on stickers on the top of the unit .... is it one of these? The guy's not coming back to me as quick as I'd hoped. Cheers, Chris
  12. evapor8

    S3 Cab ....

  13. evapor8

    Genuine Audi rear number plate holder?

    Evening guys. Is there such a thing as a genuine Audi rear number plate holder? My rear plate has screws right through one of the numbers (looks shoddy) and so I'd like to tidy it up a bit. I just want a plain black holder, not something with Audi Deutschland, etc. printed on it. Any...
  14. evapor8

    2009 A3 - Concert 3 head unit?

    Guys, Can anyone confirm that the 2009 A3's, that haven't upgraded to either the RNS-E or the Symphony head unit, get the Concert 3 that looks like this: Cheers, Chris
  15. evapor8

    S3 accelerator pedal suitable for a 2009 A3 2.0 TFSI (6-speed manual)

    Hi guys. I am being told by my local dealer (who are about to received my brand new A3 - doesn't inspire me with confidence) that there is no metal accelerator pedal that will fit my car. Unless I am way off the mark, I assume that the S3 accelerator pedal will fit my car? It's a 2009...
  16. evapor8

    Quick part number request ...

    My local dealer is asking me to pay for the S3 mirror covers and pedals I ordered to go on the new A3. They've just passed me a screen print of the parts, but it's clearly missing something (probably the S3 pedals). Would someone be kind enough to confirm what parts these numbers refer to...
  17. evapor8

    RNS-E vs. aftermarket double din - pros and cons

    Hello all. My new A3 is due imminently, and aside from the Bose speakers that are specced with the Black Edition pack, it has the standard Symphony (?) head unit. I've been running an Alpine iPod head unit (iDA-X001) for a year or so now and enjoy the interface. It's mated to the JBL...
  18. evapor8

    Remap questions - Brand new car

    Hello guys. This forum is certainly the most active UK A3 forum, so of most use to me. Lots of interesting stuff! I've ordered the 3-door, manual 2.0 TFSI. This was my 2nd choice as I couldn't quite stretch my finances to a new S3 (which is what I lusted after .... those buckets are sweet!)...
  19. evapor8

    Audio upgrade to my as yet unbuilt A3!

    Hello all. I have ordered a 2.0 TFSI black edition which will come with the Audi Concert, the Bose speakers and the iPod adaptor. I would like to upgrade the stereo at some stage for a double din aftermark stereo, but after browsing these forums for the last few days I've seen grumblings...
  20. evapor8

    S3 aluminium wing mirror backs

    Hi there. Can you tell me if the backs of the S3 wing mirrors are available seperately (the metal-look ones) or if you have to buy the entire mirror? If so, how much? Thanks, Chris