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    Water in foot well problem. Allroad C5

    Been getting water running into mainly drivers footwell and a bit into the passengers footwell. I unblocked the two drain holes around battery area a few days back. I have no sunroof on this 54 plated Allroad so suspect it's the AC drain plug that must be the culprit. Was using the ac a lot the...
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    Allroad air suspension settings.

    Not had the Allroad very long and suspect somethings not 100% with the system. Should you be able to when stationary with the engine running go through all the 4 level settings? When I bought the car she was lifting to level 3, the guy who sold me the car said she would not lift to level 4...
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    Allroad on 20" Alloys.

    Looking to get a set of 20"alloys and tyres for my "new"C5 Allroad. She's currently on the normal 225/55/17 package. Got my eye on a set of 245/45/20's. Been told the offset is ET35 and wanted to space her (Just looked again at the website they say et 45?). Was told 10mm spacers would be just...
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    Drive belt issues 2.5tdi AKE

    Can anyone give me some "how to" remove the damper (part 29) for the alt/power steering belt. Looks to me the aircon unit needs to come off? Also how to change the the pressed bearing (part 23) for the main bracket (part 21)? Thanks. John
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    Control arm refresh 2.5tdi Quattro.

    Just completed today a front complete control arm replacement with solid track rod ends on my b6 quattro. I purchased the Meyle Hd kit from Allgerman parts in Leeds Must say very impressed with the service you get with Jason and would deal with again. I had a a couple of arms showing signs of...
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    2.5 quattro wheel options

    Had a leaking cracked alloy this week so I'm on the look out for another alloy or even a set at the right money. Can any one give me a list as to what wheels will fit. My car is a 03 b6 2.5 quattro sport with the 17" sport alloys. These are my winter set with winter tyres on and from what I've...
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    Wheel bearings or cv?

    Got a low vibrating hum going on which gets louder when turning to the right. I'm sure it has to be a wheel bearing or a cv, not sure which though. When I turn around to the right slowly in a say a car park I can't hear any ticking or clonking which makes me think it could be a wheel bearing...
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    Correct gearbox oils Quattro manual

    Hi, Could do with checking the correct oil to change the diffs and gearbox on my manual B6 2.5tdi Quattro. Rang up my closet Audi stealer and they quoted me £30 for 5 litres of 75/90 semi synthetic oil. Not sure if they were just fobbing me off with any old oil. Is this the correct grade...
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    Best bang for my bucks on 2.5tdi sport.

    Just completed some mods on my 2.5tdi Sport, all done for not a lot of money. First mod was to try some Diesel Rhino additive. As was recommend by tbs on this forum. Not run it for very long but I have noticed quite a difference in performance, starting quicker in the cold snap and runs...
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    DeCat 2.5tdi sport

    I have decided to knock the cat innards out of my exhaust system. I am buying a RS4 rarb, so as I will be jacking the car and partially dropping the exhausts to get the new rarb in I may as well go to work on decating whilst I'm under the car. Not expecting any great difference in performance...
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    2.5tdi High milers 300,000 thou plus??

    After much reading of the forum lately was slightly concerned after reading of a few reports of members beloved 2.5tdi engine letting go with what I would consider relatively lowish miles (100/150thou). Yes I know there will be over abused cars and this would be quite normal to hear of engines...
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    2 Stroke for for Diesels

    Hi, Been reading loads on this forum lately and have come across some interesting info as far back as 2009 on this forum, there was a guy called Yanmarfan who recommended using cheap semi synthetic 2 stroke oil at 1: 200 ratio to improve lubrication of the engine injectors and turbos etc due to...