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  1. dieseldoug

    Hill Hold Assist HHA

    Can HHA be retrofitted into a 13 plate car, local dealer said no without looking into it.
  2. dieseldoug

    Head light bulbs

    Has anyone upgraded their head light bulbs from stock halogen to better bulbs and if so what bulbs did you use?
  3. dieseldoug

    Stop/start issues

    My wife uses stop start every day, but she has had some issues lately with it not working but I have told her there are so many variables that it will not stop. But yesterday when I was in the car it worked perfectly at every stop until the last one wher the car would not restart. We had to...
  4. dieseldoug

    Fuel consumption on 1.6tdi

    I am looking to change my daughters car from a Polo 1.2 petrol to A1 1.6TDI s-line what MPG are you guys getting on these cars. I currently run A3 and Q5 both diesels. Ay info would be good. Doug
  5. dieseldoug

    Diesel power button

    My wife has just found out how to get the extra power from the car by pushing the accelerator pedal down on to the switch to get the extra power from the car. Then she mentions WHY I didn't tell her before typical woman!! But anyway she is very impressed with the extra power, you also hear the...
  6. dieseldoug

    Questions V's book

    This is a great forum with plenty information but most of the questions are in the vehicle manual. May I suggest looking throuh the manual before asking the question unless it's no there or obvious Sorry to be negative in this but you may find some other useful information when looking through...
  7. dieseldoug

    Audi SAT NAV

    Is the SAT NAV worth the cost? I did NOT spec this om my A3 as I found out on my Q5 the maps were 20 months out of date when the car was delivered (February 2012) I asked the dealer about this and was told that was the current release and I would have to pay when the next release was available...
  8. dieseldoug

    Build week 49

    Car should be built around 5th December, hopefully on the road start of 2013, A4 S-line departing. My Q5 is full S-Line spec on Daytona Grey and 20" offroad alloys, so the A3 will be the toy..... Spec 2.0 TDI Scuba Blue Full S-Line spec including suspension privacy glass fine nappa...
  9. dieseldoug

    New A3

    Just joined this site and have ordered new A3 2.0 liter diesel S-line with full S-line suspension, colour ordered is Scuba blue. Selling my A4 diesel S-line, but still have my Q5 for the movement of larger loads.