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  1. Jeebsy

    Dynamic turn signal errors - coding out?

    I got some aftermarket dynamic side turn signals for my B8 last year and the left one always throws an error for electrical error in circuit. Loads of people have them and say they're error free so thought I might have a duff set. Ordered another and now both sides are giving errors. The...
  2. Jeebsy

    ABS/ESP/parking brake issues :-(

    I'm having a bit of a nightmare with my 2007 A5 at the moment . In January I started getting a random ESP/ABS light - it went in for a checkup and the tech diagnosed it as a faulty ABS module. We took the ABS module out and sent it off the ECU Testing, but they bench tested it and said it was...
  3. Jeebsy

    Advanced key issues - open circuit/short circuit to B+

    I've got a 2007 A5 - when I got it the advanced key wasn't working. The boot would open when the car was locked but the doors wouldn't respond. I had error codes for both handles and 03287 - exterior door handle touch sensors, open circuit/short circuit to B+ I replaced the sensors but still...
  4. Jeebsy

    LED rear number plate bulbs

    I got some LED bulbs for the number plate, but they spin round in the holder so the heatsink faces down the the LED shines up into the holder so they appear really dull. Is there a technique to putting them in so the LED stays facing down?
  5. Jeebsy

    12v sockets

    I recently swapped by B7 Avant 2.0 tdi for a B8 A5 Sport coupe which I love but as usual with an older car there's a couple of niggles. The rear 12v socket (for the back seats) works fine, but the front two don't. I checked the fuse and the fuse to the cigarette lighter (the one in the ashtray)...
  6. Jeebsy

    Rear washer

    I unblocked the rear washer after I got the car and it sort of worked but it's totally blocked again. Even after it was soaked in vinegar and cleaned out it was still pretty pish, the spray only went about three inches so you just got a wee tiny semi circle cleaned properly. Are there any...
  7. Jeebsy

    Damp smell from AC

    The last week I've been getting a damp smell from my air con - for maybe 30 seconds when you first turn it on then it goes. It's like if you've left washing in the machine for too long before taking it out to dry. My car was serviced a couple of weeks ago and think a new cabin filter was fitted...
  8. Jeebsy

    Bumper height adjustment screws

    Does anyone know the part number for these? Had a look on the Parts Database but couldn't find them. Cheers!
  9. Jeebsy


    Phoned round a few scrappies today - managed to luck out and find one with an A4 with an armrest available. It was a bit worse for wear, mouldy inside and the leather was stained but a bit of a shampoo, leather cleaner and a once over with some balm and it came up OK: 20160325_181605 by...
  10. Jeebsy

    Door handle trims

    My drivers door handle trim is a bit loose and rattly - have had a look to try and see if there's anything that could be tightened but i'm not sure how it even attaches - anyone know? 20160320_192829 by wjheenan, on Flickr
  11. Jeebsy

    LED sides

    Put some LED sides in last night and it didn't go too well. Did the right first and it came on for about 30 secs then went off and wouldn't come back on at all. Did the left and that was OK at first, but then it started going off after about 30 seconds. I noticed that even with the ignition...
  12. Jeebsy

    Le Mans 19" wheels centre caps

    I got some new rims which are in getting refurbed: IMAG3314 by wjheenan, on Flickr 19" A6 Le Mans wheels. Currently running these five spokes: IMAG3230 by wjheenan, on Flickr The guy refurbing the wheels said the centre caps on my current wheels might be too small for the new rims although...
  13. Jeebsy

    New wheels

    I'm getting A6 Le Mans wheels shortly to go on this Current rims are 8.0j x 18 ET43 235/40, new are 8.5j x 19 ET48 225/35. Checked and it said they will sit slightly closer to the arch than the current wheels but not by much. I can't afford hubcentric...