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    anyone got an avant with space saver spare?

    My car by the previous owner has been fitted with S4 alloys and in the boot they have put a space saver spare. So far I have the insert which sits in the wheel but am missing other bits has anyone got a pic of what they have I can compare to?
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    How much are S4 Avus wheels worth?

    Looking to sell my S4 Avus wheels or swap them for some RS6 wheels bit struggling to work out what there worth. I had a look on eBay but there is only one set on there.
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    pic of sport with b5 platforms and std springs?

    Does anyone have a pic of a sport model with the standard springs with b5 perches on the front? Avant if possible? Many thanks if anyone has.
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    Worth getting a machine for just paint cleansing?

    I have been looking at getting a dual action machine for probably the sole task of applying paint cleansers and glazes. My car only has some light defects mainly swirls due to I think the previous owners was technique as I have always used the two bucket method. From having a look at another...
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    Suspension height difference between Sport/S-Lines and regular?

    Am I right in saying that the Sport/S-Line models are about 15mm lower than the standard spec cars? Just looking at lowering springs and working out how much of a difference I will actually see on my Avant Sport. Also is it worth fitting the B5 front spring cups as the car as standard seems...
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    Retro-fit center arm rest?

    Anyone done this? Was looking at getting a kit from the dealers as all the ones I can find on Ebay look like they have bits missing!
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    Retrofitting DIS and cruise

    Now I have looked at the guide in the sticky section but it only covers how to recode the car for cruise. What do I have to recode for DIS? Do i need to just code steering column module or do I need to code the cluster too?
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    Changing coding in control units?

    Hi Has anyone on here changed the coding in there comfort or central electrics control units? Using the info off Ross Tech? I asked them for there help but they will only help me if I have there software which I don't need as I have access to the VW diag machine at work.
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    Alarm siren volume?

    Stupid question but how loud should the alarm be? Only asking as the alarm seems fairly quiet on my avant. It's not as loud as the alarm in this video Alarm System Audi A4 goes crazy - YouTube. I work for VW and connected up the diag tool but there is no fault codes.
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    Retro fitting iPod/MP3 player interface?

    Anybody know any good kits for retrofitting an iPod/MP3 player into an A4?
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    Hello from Cambridge

    Found this via the power of Google while looking for items and advice for my Audi A4 I have just purchased. Not even picked the car up yet but hoping this forum will help me out along the way with anything model specific. Well little bit about me, I'm 28 and live in Cambridge. Work at a local...