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    Hi folks, I need a near/side front stub axle for my A4 B7. Please tell me if you know where there is one or where I might get one from... Used please. Cheers Part search tool was not working
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    Clutch replacement.. London?

    Hi folks.. The car is juddery pulling away now... Have always had a feeling clutch may be on way out.. that slippy sensation sometimes but started shuddering sometimes now... Any ideas? Does it sound like clutch? Is this the dreaded 'Dual mass flywheel' failure issue...? Where in the London...
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    Bit low at the back????

    Hello all, I've had the A4 6months now, love it.. but have always thought the rear suspension looks low.... I can only guess that the previous owner was maybe a rep who overloaded the car with tonnes of ****.. This may be wrong... maybe i'm wrong... maybe it should look like that? What do you...
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    tow bar/rear lights wiring colours.

    Hi all, Audi A4 B7 Avant: I'm wiring a new tow bar in today. I know which coloured wires from the 7 pin plug do what.. see diagram: However I do not know which coloured wires in the rear of the car match up to these.. Can anyone tell me, or put up a nice easy diagram to show me so I can...
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    Clutch noise...?

    The clutch on my A4 is long and bites quite high... I have noticed lately that, when i'm stationary the clutch makes a noise if I've maybe left my foot on it a bit.. When I fully take my foot off it it's fine, and if I fully depress it it's fine too.. but that noise when it's nearly released is...
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    B7 Avant tow bar needed??

    Hi folks, Before I plough through E-bay just wondering if anyone has a towbar for the above vehicle they no longer need? ..Did one come with your car and you don't want it? ..Is it sitting gathering dust, or using up valuable space in your garage...?? I'll buy it... Don't worry! Single...
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    Avant rear window washer is..... errrr?? where?

    The wash jet appears to not be working since I bought the car... I figured a blocked jet and just hadn't got around to looking at it. I looked today and there's... err... not one! If I push the window wash lever on the steering column, the wiper moves.. it makes a whirring noise... but on...
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    need b7 door mirror glass?

    Hi, Somebody whacked my drivers door mirror and broke the glass yesterday.. anyone got an old one lying around they might want to sell to me? Heated one please. Cheers
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    At a loss......

    New owner of Audi A4 B7 Avant 2.0 tdi, EML has been on full time and then glow plug light started flashing and i've lost lots of power. I bought a cheap VAG code reader off ebay. The reader has 4 modes.. Probably a dumb-*** question but one of the 4 modes is A/T.. does this mean Automatic...
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    '06 Audi A4 B7 Avant brake pedal switch fitting??

    Hi all, New owner of above Audi, I bought it from auctions so got a bargain but have EML on.. Other day glow plug light started flashing, checked a few forums and bought a VAG reader.. symptoms seem to suggest brake pedal switch needs replacing... power loss and rear brake lights are on all the...
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    Also... my old Golf for sale? Message me if you are interested, it is a nice old T reg golf :racer:
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    New (mostly contented) Audi A4 B7 Avant owner..

    Hello folks. Just bought an '06 Audi A4 Avant B7 from the auctions... Got a bargain (I think) But.... EML is on.... Not flashing. She was a little juddery in low gears to begin with and also a bit of smoke under spirited acceleration but these seem to have calmed a bit I guess she may have...