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  1. AFDanHef

    Installing my Relentless V3 Manifold and Dp

    I'm installing my Relentless V3 manifold and downpipe this weekend!! I will post pics and a little review when I'm done. Any tips or pointers from anyone? I'm sure the dp won't be a problem but what is the best way to get at the manifold? From the top or bottom? What all do I have to remove to...
  2. AFDanHef

    Brakes won't bleed!!

    I fitted my new Porsche calipers yesterday and I was going to replace the brake fluid today. I sucked and pumped all the old brake fluid out. Then I put new fluid in and bled the brakes. I was using a vacuum bleeder and I started at the furthest point from the master cylinder (Rear Left) and...
  3. AFDanHef

    My S3 had a crisis today!?!?

    I drove into town and half the electrics weren't working!! :sos: The windshield wipers, headlights, heater and turn signals were all dead!?!?:wtf: I checked all the fuses and they were all good. I consider myself a decent mechanic but fuses are about as far as I go when it comes to...
  4. AFDanHef

    Wagner Tuning FMIC????

    I saw this tuner at the Autosport International event last weekend and their fmic looks like a really clean setup. They claim that you can keep the fog lights and don't have to cut the metal bumper. Just drill two mounting holes. The kit comes with everything to install on the car. I've...
  5. AFDanHef


    SOOOO MUCH UNDERSTEER!!?? I took my S3 to the track a few months ago just to see how it would do and there was SOOO much understeer I was on the grass more than the tarmac!! My track car is a Nissan Pulsar GtiR and it is very similar to the S3. (2 dr hatch, 4cyl., turbo, AWD) So I expected the...
  6. AFDanHef

    How much boost could K04 puff, if K04 could puff boost? :-)

    LOL I have an '03 S3 and I've seen the thread on the K03 but I was wondering can I get 300bhp out of my K04? I have a FMIC setup, I just ordered a Badger 5 Tip and Neuspeed P-flo filter. I am going to do a full exhaust (turbo back decat) and then a stage 2 tune. Will I be able to reach my...