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  1. JohnBoy


    Last week I had to carry out and emergency stop in my Y reg A4 2.0. Someone pulled out in front of me and had to give it everything... Yes stopped fine and very straight. But... the brake pedal stayed down with all four wheels locked tight. So there was me straddled across a busy T junction...
  2. JohnBoy

    What is it???

    What is the small pull down flap above the rear veiw mirror for? Its tucked away between the top of the screen and the roof lining... I never knew it was there until cleaning the mirror and I spotted it this weekend. Bet lots of owners have never seen it either...
  3. JohnBoy

    Handbrake literally frozen on

    For the 3rd time this winter I have set off only to find the offside rear handbrake applied - literally frozen. The brake lever in the car is sloppy and clearly frozen in the applied position on one of the rear wheels only. The disk becomes red hot and the only remedy is to simply wait for it to...
  4. JohnBoy

    Sounds strange but try it...

    I was amazed by this but it truly works... Walk away from your Audi until you are just out of range of the key central locking. Walk another 10-20m. Press the lock/unlock button - nothing happens... Now position the key near your temple and look directly at the car. Press lock/unlock... Yes it...
  5. JohnBoy


    <font color="blue">I have a 2L petrol multitronic with 50k on the clock. I have to put a litre of oil in every 15000 miles. Never had to do this on any previous car, at least not at such a rate. The dealership told me this was normal Can anyone vouch for this? </font>
  6. JohnBoy

    Anyone got a TomTom Go?

    Check this out...
  7. JohnBoy

    Those Nice People at Crawley Audi...

    Took my A4 into them today for some work. They have given me an A4 2.0 TDi S Line on an 05 plate with 37 miles on the clock for the day... What a nice car... New 'face lift' model but I guess this model is about as refined as they are going to be (mines one of the earliest Y plates). Incredible...
  8. JohnBoy


    I have a 2.0 petrol Multitronic and seem to have to top up with a litre of oil every 2 months. There is no sign of leakage nor smokey exhaust. Is this normal? I've never had a car that uses so much oil.
  9. JohnBoy

    I never realised...

    Audi military vehicles !
  10. JohnBoy


    I have a 2.0 SE Multitronic. Yesterday whilst accellerating the multitronic went wild, jumping from drive to neutral over and over again. The PNDR display flashing on and off. Had to stop then commence driving in manual mode. Any advice as to what could be wrong?
  11. JohnBoy

    NEW A4 PHOTOS...

  12. JohnBoy


    My alarm has started going off during the night. Seems fine during the day. Strangely the indicators stay lit (not flashing) and the glove box internal light flickers. Any thoughts?
  13. JohnBoy

    Software Upgrade

    A colleague of mine who also runs an A4 SE Multitronic on a 51 plate has been experiencing hesitation problems from start. The dealer apparently made a “software upgrade” which has not only cured the problem but given the car a much better fuel consumption and performance. Can anyone shed any...
  14. JohnBoy

    MOVED: Water found on Mars!

  15. JohnBoy


    Can anyone give me any advice on the recharging of the aircon system. How long from new will it be before a system needs recharging? How much does it cost?
  16. JohnBoy


    Ever since I've had my A4 I have found an intricately spun web over the drivers side door mirror every morning. She must be an imported German Audi spider as the web is very well built and always finished on time for me in the morning. Never seen Mrs Spider, however she and her web manages to...
  17. JohnBoy


    I assume when the ESP comes on, the warning light on the dash lights up? If so, just how hard have you got to chuck an A4 around before the ESP kicks in? Ive had my A4 a couple of months and have been gradually pushing it harder and harder into corners... nothing
  18. JohnBoy


    <font color="blue"> My A4 is 3 years old and a fair amount of dust has accumulated behind the glass screen inside the instrument cluster. Does anyone know if its possible to get behind to clean or is this a dealer job? </font>
  19. JohnBoy

    Just about to buy an A4

    Just about to buy an A4 SE 2.0 Multi on a Y plate. Apart from the obvious are there any things I should check before signing?