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  1. mve7

    soundclip decat with OPF delete

    So here I got some soundclips from my 2019 audi s3 8v fl with a decat downpipe and OPF delete -Armytrix decat downpipe -OPF delete -res delete -no tune (will go stage 2 soon)
  2. mve7

    sway bar worth the money?

    Hallo, Does anyone have experience with a sway bar? is it worth the money? So yes witch brand do you recommend?
  3. mve7

    Rear protective cover for dog

    Someone have a link from a good rear protective cover for a dog? For an Audi s3 8v fl And one for a fair price not the overpriced one from audi :p
  4. mve7

    perforated brake discs ?

    hallo, Can someone give me a link from good perforated brake discs for an Audi s3 8v fl (2019)
  5. mve7

    OPF delete

    Hallo, someone already has experience with an OPF delete on a s3? if so what brand of exhaust do you recommend?
  6. mve7

    valves problem?

    Hallo, I've noticed a "rattle" sound come out of my exhaust. But the sound is only at the right side of the car. When I start the car you don't hear the "rattle" but after 2-3 minutes (when the valves close) you can hear it. I also tested this by changing modes. -dynamic no rattle sound...
  7. mve7

    which air intake?

    Hallo, for the moment I got a stock s3 8v fl (2019) but I go for stage 2 soon. Which air intake do you guys recommend?
  8. mve7

    experiences downpipe

    Hallo, I'm looking for a catless downpipe for my audi s3 8V fl (2019). Are there any downsides? Can it damage your motor? Do I need stage 1 after this or can I just remove the error code without any problems?
  9. mve7

    remus exhaust for OPF s3 8v fl

    Hallo, Found this video on the internet. I think this one sounds pretty good on the audi OPF s3. But before I going to order this exhaust there are maybe some people here with this exhaust on there OPF S3 who want to share his/her opinion? Kind regards
  10. mve7

    Sensor OPF info?

    Hallo, I've got a question about the OPF sensors from the audi s3 8v fl. Can someone give me all the measure points from the sensor? -outer diameter -inner diameter -thread of the pitch -length of the pitch -the size of the slope angle on top of the sensor And if its possible a picture of...
  11. mve7

    audi s3 8v fl 2019 exhaust

    Hallo, Are there already owners of an audi s3 8V fl from 2019 (OPF) who have got a new exhaust? I got the res delete its good but not loud enough for me. The only problem is that I don't want to lose my warranty....
  12. mve7

    audi s3 2019 exhaust question

    Hallo, I've got a audi S3 8v fl from 2019 with the OPF... I already did a res delete. I'm very happy with the results but you always want more :D I asked my dealer that I would lose my warranty if I go for a downpipe and the answer is yes... because they need to changes things in the software...
  13. mve7

    HG carbon air intake experience?

    Hallo, I want a carbon air intake for my audi s3 8v sedan from 2019. Is it worth the money? Maybe someone have experience with this HG-motorsport air intake? please let me know kind regards...
  14. mve7

    carbon mirror caps

    Who has got the carbon mirror caps? And where you bought them? Want to order the ones from ultimatecustomuk but can someone tell me that they fit well? Kind regards
  15. mve7

    obdeleven question

    Hallo, I have a question about an obdeleven. Personally I don't know much about it but my friend got one for his 2018 rs3. We tried some things on my 2019 s3 but we got always an error message that its not supported. Does anyone have an idea why it doesn't work?
  16. mve7

    audi s3 2019 wltp res delete soundclip

    because there are a lot of questions about the res delete for a 2019 audi s3 I uploaded a video. I'm happy to say the farts are back. its not to loud and its a cheap mod! really happy with it. sorry for the bad quality
  17. mve7

    problems after chiptuning?

    Hallo, Got my Audi s3 8v facelift (2019) one week now. I really love the car! Its the perfect daily for me. Now is my question that chiptuning is bad for the car? someone that did this and had problems after the tuning? For now my car is fast enough and I still got 3 years of warranty but I...
  18. mve7

    aftermarket exhaust audi s3 2019

    Hallo, Is there already someone with an aftermarket exhaust system for there audi s3 8V facelift from 2019 with the new OPF? Soundclip would be nice! Kind regards
  19. mve7

    s3 front badge black

    Its a small detail but I can't find it anywhere... Can someone tell me where I can buy a front S3 black/red badge? for an Audi s3 8v facelift (2019) Kind regards
  20. mve7

    audi s3 logo

    I'm still waiting for my 2019 audi s3 sedan. Can somebody tell me the size from the rear and front logo? I want to order the black ones. Kind regards