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  1. Greeny233

    Part number help.

    Hi All. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get the part number for the height adjustment motor for the drivers side of my S4? Thanks
  2. Greeny233

    Headlight Washers

    Hi All. Just a quick question. My passenger side headlamp washer is blocked, it comes up but doesn't spray half as much as the drivers side. Does anyone know how to remove the it so I can get some compressed air through it? Thanks
  3. Greeny233

    B6 S4 Sat Nav

    Hi all. I have just bought an '03 S4 Avant and it has navigation controls in the centre console next to the cigarette lighter and a navigation computer box in the boot but no screen is this correct, does it work through the DIS or has someone removed the head unit (RNSe)? I couldn't get it to...
  4. Greeny233

    Greeny's New Motor

    Well the time has come to get rid of the old A4 diesel avant and trade up to something a bit quicker, so today I put a deposit on an 2003 S4 Avant. I love my A4 and if I could have fitted it with a 4.2 V8 I would have done but it's easier to sell it on and buy a proper one (it's in the...
  5. Greeny233

    New Wheels

    Right I'm getting a bit bored of the staggered 3SDM's especially the rears which with passengers in the wheels (not the tyres) are catching on the arch. I like the look of the new 19" RS4 wheels, looking at the 8.5x19's ET35. Has anyone got any pictures of a B6 with them on?
  6. Greeny233

    Service interval display.

    Right this is starting to do my head in now. No matter how I reset the service interval display it always comes up with the correct mileage (9900) but it only ever comes up with 60 days. I've tried a snap on launch, hella gutman and vagcom to no avail so every two months or so the dash comes up...
  7. Greeny233

    Spare wheel.

    Well after fitting the 345mm S4 brakes months ago and having to grind the callipers slightly to get the 19" 3SDM's to fit its just occured to me that the standard 17" s-line 5 spoke spare wheel might not fit. I am slightly lazy, and as such can't be bothered to go out and try and see if it...
  8. Greeny233

    Car Hit Twice In One Day.

    Just as I was getting the my motor somewhere near tidy some morons do this. The first one looks like someone has clipped it while parking next to my car and the second one there is a dent in the bumper that looks suspiciously like a tow ball (not really visible in the picture), I guess...
  9. Greeny233

    Avant Sport Roof Spoiler.

    Hi All. I was at my mates garage today and he had an A4 avant in which had a Vortex roof spoiler on (8E9 071 640). When I compared my sport (GMBH) roof spoiler it was about an inch smaller and the Vortex one looked slightly better. My question is my original GMBH spoiler removable or is it...
  10. Greeny233

    B6 Magnetic pulley

    Hi All. Just had my air con re-gassed in a hope it would fix my none working air con but no joy. I've tested the live feed to the compressor and that switches on and off with the switch. I phoned TPS just to get a price on a replacement compressor (worth a laugh) and it is £750 plus vat LOL...
  11. Greeny233

    Part No.

    Hi All. Does anyone know the part number for the B7 RS4 long carbon trim that runs across the dash and also the part no. for the smaller one that fits around the headlight switch. Thanks Greeny
  12. Greeny233

    Part No.

  13. Greeny233

    Slow glove box.

    Hi. My glove box is opening really really slowly lately and I don't won't to force it as it's really stiff and don't want to break the hinge. The damper arm is only 18months old (replaced with the glove box lid), is there any way to free it off? I've tried lubricating it but it only works for...
  14. Greeny233

    New wheels and a detail.

    Well I was due to have some new Momo Sentry wheels fitted today but at the last second I went with the 3SDM wheels with lower offset. The fronts are 8.5j with et32 and rears are 9.5j with et35. The front arches needed a little tickle with the arch roller but all ok apart from that. Gave the car...
  15. Greeny233

    RS4 Honeycomb Grille.

    Hi All. Spotted a B6 Avant with the GMBH kit on at the All Types show a week ago but it had the RS4 honeycomb style upper and lower grill. I've found the upper grill on eBay but I can't find the lower GMBH size grill with honey comb. This is the upper grill Does anyone know where I can get...
  16. Greeny233

    All Types VW Show

    It's the All Types VW show tomorrow at Bodelwyddan Castle. Usually a good Audi turn out. Anyone on here going?
  17. Greeny233

    Radio Antenna Connection

    Hi All. Just fitted an Xtrons double din head unit to my 2004 A4 Avant. My question is the head unit only has one radio antenna connection but my old unit had two. My question is which antenna cable do I use, the diversity lead with a PC5-52 type adapter, the AM/FM lead or do I need keep...
  18. Greeny233

    It's on!

    Finally after much hunting my twin exit GMBH bumper is on. Just have to wait until Tuesday for Tweeks to fit my Powerflow zorst. I mucked up the Audi black bumper sticker (over warmed it and stretched it, £27 down the drain) so I used some left over 3M carbonfibre wrap. I used some Jaguar...
  19. Greeny233

    At Last!

    After more than a year of searching I've managed to get a 1.8T GMBH rear bumper with the twin exhaust cut outs. Just have to get it painted, fitted (nightmare) and get the exhaust tail pipes sorted. Not much work then lol.
  20. Greeny233

    Heater flap solenoid's

    Hi everyone. My windscreen de-mist flap has stopped working and the dash vents are becoming a little temperamental. I'm going to try re-greasing the linkages to see if that helps but can anyone tell me what colour the linkage is for the de-mist and dash vents are? Thanks.