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  1. Bustamoves

    MMI centre control knob button

    hi. I seem to have lost or fallen off the big dial knob 'cover' (maybe during vacuuming?). But anyways, I need to get a replacement 'kit' they call the. I think. I just want to confirm that it's the correct part number or different as all I could find it from a A5 and looks the flat cover type...
  2. Bustamoves

    Rick @ unicorn

    Well just a bit of feedback: My car has been fine, done around 3k now since new engine, so it was time to get it mapped :) Did my research and I really didn't want an off the shelf map upload onto my car (30% crew) and pay a silly price for Something even I could do. So I went to Rick @ unicorn...
  3. Bustamoves

    Unlock some features with vcds localish, can travel.

    Hi, is there anyone local ish to West Yorkshire /Huddersfield/wakefield that would be able to unlock me a few features via the hidden menu with vcds? Please only if you are ACTUALLY keen to help out as I hadn't got a reply from a previous member todo so. Thanks
  4. Bustamoves

    AMI and iPhone with latest iOS update

    Is it just me who's having slight problems with the latest iPhone update to 7.1.1 when plugging it in before I start car (as always) it takes ages to load music and play, at times I've got to unplug and plug in again and switch source and come back again and eventually works. It's quite...
  5. Bustamoves

    Prices for exhaust tips

    Hi, price please on part number 8k0071762 Regards
  6. Bustamoves

    B8 dab and digital tv

    Hi just wanted to ask is it possible to fit a dab unit in my b8 2010 (59) and also digital tv if I source them somehow from a genuine Audi instead of going aftermarket? I have 3rd gen I belive mmi, sat nav, hdd, plays DVDs, ami. But only thing I don't have is the b&o upgrade just standard Audi...
  7. Bustamoves

    Yep, another newb....but not to forums

    Evening folks, just got a new family motor b8 avant 2.0 tfsi Quattro fully loaded apart from b&o, dab, free view :( Yes I know about the oil consumption (plan is to extend warranty and make a fuss and get the revised pistons etc fitted ) Anyhow my name is corky and I'm from Huddersfield west...