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  1. Woob

    For Sale Audi RS5 wing mirrors

    £225 Pair of wing mirrors taken from a 2015 Audi RS5 coupé, driven 40,000 miles. Good working order. Minor stone chips and blemishes as expected for age Black base with brushed aluminium case/cover. Will fit Audi A5 and S5 I believe B8.5 chassis 8T. Manual folding, electronic mirror...
  2. Woob

    Retrofit autofolding RS5 mirrors?

    Hi guys I’m considering retrofitting autofolding mirrors to my 2015 RS5. I presume you just need the mirrors, VCDS and the different door card? also is there any different between mirrors on the range from 2010-2015? I know the S3 has different shaped mirrors after facelift while I am at...
  3. Woob

    Sold Audi S3, 2010 3 door, sprint blue

    For sale 2010 Audi S3, 3 door hatch back in sprint blue. Facelift model 2 litre, petrol engine, 6 speed manual gearbox, 4 wheel drive haldex system 99,957 miles - mostly motorway miles. Mileage will not rise as replacement car already purchased. Priced £10,500 Based in Cardiff CF23 Registration...
  4. Woob

    RS5 compromise??

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a B8.5 RS5 in sepang blue. I'd love black edition and fully spec'd as much as possible. There are only 4 sepang RS5's on autotrader right now! I'm guessing it's covid related There is a black, limited edition for sale that isn't black edition. I'm considering...
  5. Woob

    RS5 essentials buying help

    Hi everyone. I’m starting to look at finally getting a B8.5 RS5. What are the essential options would you all pick? Like sports exhaust etc and does anyone have a brochure of the b8.5? thanks in advance
  6. Woob

    Dorset Audi specialist?

    Afternoon all, I think my PCV has packed up (2010 S3) as it idling rough and hunting for revs once warm at standstill. Does anyone know of a decent reputable Audi specialist in Bournemouth or Poole area who can replace it? I’m also looking to get my handed clutch pump replaced as that’s...
  7. Woob

    Wing mirror damage

    Hi all Some **** decided to bend back my wing mirror on the drivers side and it is now broken. it's still attached and the electrics work but it wobbles around a lot, so much I can really use it on the motorway. When stationary it looks fine but it needs sorting. Have any of you any experience...
  8. Woob

    Quattro dashboard light

    evening all, My Quattro system has been playing up (2010 S3 3 door) and has just started working again i think. Has anyone managed to wire up a light for the dash board to come on when Quattro is activated? Like a little LED or something
  9. Woob

    haldex clutch pump failure help

    A little help needed with haldex/Quattro for an S3. 3 months ago it stopped working. Error code found (haldex clutch pump). Clear the code and worked fine. It's just gone again but now hasn't returned on clearing the code. Audi Southampton are useless (didn't know what haldex was). Anyone else...
  10. Woob

    8P retrofit database

    Afternoon all, I've been thinking for a while about OEM upgrades to my S3 and would really appreciate a directory of all of the OEM retrofits available. I figured it could be useful for all users. The main thing would be list of parts needed, tips and advice, costs associated and maybe any...
  11. Woob

    Quattro blown???

    Wondering if my Quattro system has gone. Pulling hard off a round about, had a sudden but short dip in power. Power came Back straight away but now getting wheel spin when putting my foot down in first gear where never have before. No lights have come up at all. Car is 2010 S3 3 door
  12. Woob

    Pound for Lbs modification list

    As the title suggests, is there a pound for pound modification list for S3's? As in what can people do and the costs associated. It makes sense the more you do, the more it will cost but what sort of things can do you that have a large impact for minimal cost? Presumably things like a quick...
  13. Woob

    Lacquer disappearing?

    Hi all. Haven't updated for a while. Bought my sprint blue facelift S3 in January. Loving it since but was annoyed to find someone reversed into my bumper and left micro cracks. It was only visible when clean so I ignored. Well I cleaned it yesterday and discovered some of the lacquer has...
  14. Woob

    Gel resin vs ultratek plates

    So the numpties that took my old car as part ex threw my old private plates away so I need to buy more. May as well get nice ones Thinking either gel resin or ultratek but cant decide between then two. Any people experience problems with either plate?
  15. Woob

    Finally finally bought an S3

    Since need for speed underground 2 came out, I've wanted an 8p A3. Then since the s3 came out, I've wanted one of those. Well 12 years later, I finally own an S3! Purchased a 2010 sprint blue S3, 3 door. Came with: RNS-E Cruise Bose BT phone 6 CD changer I'm loving the car so far. I traded in...
  16. Woob

    Essential options

    Hi guys. I've had a read and couldn't find this covered in FAQ. Apologies if this has already been posted. I'm looking to buy an 8P S3 facelift very soon and wanted to know what options should I definitely get? I already know I want cruise control and Bose. Is there a list of packages and...
  17. Woob

    1.6 vs 2.0 vs 3.2

    So as some of you, for a while i have wanted an A3 (8P) but i am going to medical school in october so couldn't really afford it. But i have just found out the first year is only going to be 2.5 days of studying a week so i can still get a part time job and maintain the car. some may say it's a...
  18. Woob

    Things to look out for?

    Might be going to view an A3 going quite cheap. What thigns do i look for? he says damage and fault free. i think it's this A3 if anyone knows the guy. The ebay auction isnt on right now but said he will put a new auction up if i agree to buy.
  19. Woob

    OT - what car?

    Sorry for wrong section but ive only spoken to you guys on here. But what car would you guys get for about £3000 or so? I'm looking for a new car soon as was gona go for a 106 GTi as i know a lil bit about then to maintain it and i can transfer parts over from my current car. But i then was...
  20. Woob

    pic request - 18's vs 19's

    Hello all. Right well i ahve found the wheels i want even though i dont have the car yet :redface: but they are pretty rare. i found them in 18" but wanted 19. was hoping i can see some pics of 18's and 19's side on so i can decide whether to just go for it now while i can