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  1. siu00adg

    12v hardwire in the S3

    Hi all, It's been a while! I've got a question... As some of you may know me and Andy (aka S3 Big Andy, aka Stealth Beast) are going on Modball ( next week, so I'm heading up to Andy's place soon to install a radar/laser detector, cb radio and possibly a USB hub (to power...
  2. siu00adg

    Well, she's gone :(

    Just sold my baby for a ridiculous price. It was sad seeing her drive away!
  3. siu00adg

    Veyron around the TopGear test track tonight

    Place your bets now! I reckon high 1:17s
  4. siu00adg

    New S3 discount

    Someone who is interested in buying my car says he's been offered a 15% discount on a brand new S3, has anyone here managed this level of discount? A friend of mine who is an Audi salesman reckons 10% is the most you could get. Cheers, Al.
  5. siu00adg

    Selling my S3 :(

    Well, I've handed in my notice at work so I can set up in Business with an old Uni friend, which means my pride and joy has to go :( What do people think about my ad? Anything you'd change? Is the price a bit on the optimistic side do you think?
  6. siu00adg

    Ideal for the next Audi-sportball!
  7. siu00adg

    5th gear (TV show)

    Just watching it now, anyone else notice it's becoming more and more like Top Gear? (cool camera angles and filters etc) Not that it's a bad thing, TG series are always over far too soon, 5th is a good suppliment! Coming up is the 911 Tub vs the GT-R, should be interesting.
  8. siu00adg

    I think this is appropriate in this section...
  9. siu00adg

    Anyone have a vag-com cable in Surrey or close by?

    I need to set my Xenons back after coming back from Europe. Thanks! Al.
  10. siu00adg

    What is my S3 worth?

    As much as I love my S3, and I really do love it, I fancy something a bit more hardcore and less practical!, so I'm seriously considering a Noble M400. Sprint Blue S3 57 plate with 23k on the clock. Buckets seats FBSW BOSE + 6 CD front loader Cruise, Ipod, no smoking, 18 OEM RS4 alloys Stock...
  11. siu00adg

    Quattro fluid change

    Got a card in my mail today from Audi saying I'm due for a Quattro fluid change. Couple of questions... Wouldn't the DIS tell me about that? How many miles should you change the quattro fluid at? How much will it cost? Cheers, Al.
  12. siu00adg

    David Elsewhere eat your heart out!
  13. siu00adg

    Clever nudity.
  14. siu00adg

    Fuel rant.

    V-Power has run out in surrey! I've tried 7 different Shell stations and there isn't a drop left! So I settled for BP Ultimate or what ever it's called. Set me back £63 for 50 litres :( I normally try to ignore the what I'm paying at the pumps and just enjoy the car (averaging 22mpg since new)...
  15. siu00adg

    Look what I found on Top Gears website.

    Hopefully the S3 will prevail! I think the 135 is quicker out of the box than the S3 though isn't it?
  16. siu00adg

    R32 vs Z4

    Probably been posted before, but makes me laugh every time!
  17. siu00adg

    You will not believe this!
  18. siu00adg

    Roadtrip, August, Swiss Alps, All welcome.
  19. siu00adg

    Roadtrip, August, Swiss Alps, All welcome.