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    Problems with alarm transmitter.

    Hi Dave, Funny what you say about stray radio signals. I have a similar set up to you, i.e audi alarm and a clifford. On a few occasions I thought the clifford wasn't working properly when I tried to arm/disarm it. It would seem that if (when I'm in a hurry) and I've got my hands full of...
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    Gearbox Repaired!

    What sort of times were you getting then?? I'd imagine a standard S4 would do about 14s @ 100mph.
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    heated mirrors not working.

    I'd check with an Ohmmeter mate. Also while you have the mirror out you could check that the power is getting through using a voltmeter. It is a common fault on lots of audis. Funny you should mention it actually, mine weren't working this morning either (both) I had the ones done on my old...
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    Tranny Trouble ?

    Did I say viscous coupling? .... I meant torsen diff (honest!!) Well you learn something everyday. Thanks Mutley. It's (the torsen diff) certainly quite mechanical inside, so I guess it could have made the banging noise originally described
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    Tranny Trouble ?

    No I'm using the freeby too, but I'm not stingy, just broke!! The logging works fine for me, but I suspect my laptop is of a slightly lower spec than yours!! (486 DX33 20Meg ram running win 95) Get one off e-bay, they go for about £50 or less.
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    Tranny Trouble ?

    Wow 5000rpm then dump the clutch!! You must be brave.... or silly Does the car still work ok? I thought the centre diff was just a fluid coupling (like a torque converter on an auto) so I can't imagine there would be much in it to make a banging noise. Have you tried running VAG COM to see...