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  1. kayemill

    Knockhill Audi Sport Race Track Initiative

    Not sure if anyone has ever been on one of these before? If not and you are invited then, do what you need to do to get there. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. On arrival I picked a nice parking spot between an RS 6 and an S3. On approach to the restaurant there were three rows...
  2. kayemill

    Easy Entry System

    Sorry to be a pest. Now that I've mastered the parking brake, I have another question. My car is a 3 door and my drivers seat won't return to its last position after pushing the seat forward. In my 8p s3 you just had to slide a little silver plate forward to get it working. However this 8v...
  3. kayemill

    Electronic Parking Brake

    Hi, I got my Manual S3 ( without Hold Assist Option ) on Monday night and I'm still trying to get used to the EPB. I'm sure when I brought it home on Monday Night I parked it on my driveway ( which is on a slope ) and when I came back out later to take it back out I just put it into reverse...
  4. kayemill

    Audi Finance Free Servicing

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience of this? I bought my car part financed with Audi finance to get the 2 year free servicing. I've had it a year now and had the first free service. Can anyone confirm that if I was to pay off the finance now would I lose my second free service?
  5. kayemill

    S3 8P Tyre Wear

    My 2011 S3 BE went in for it's first service yesterday. When I went to collect they told me to be aware that my front tyres were almost needing changed. ( They are also replacing yet another wheel for the lacquer coming off under warranty ) Measured sizes were 3mm and 2mm. However these were...
  6. kayemill

    Fuel Gauge Fault

    I have just filled my tank to the click and my gauge is showing just over 3/4 full. It's a 2011 S3 BE. Is there something I could do myself or should I just take it back to Audi under the warranty. Thanks.
  7. kayemill

    Part Numbers

    Hi, I've been offered these part no's as piano black inlays. 8p3 867 409 a-3a4 8p3 867 410 a-3a4 Does anyone know if these are the correct parts for a 2011 s3 BE? Thanks in advance. edit: should have said for front. And it's a 3 door.
  8. kayemill

    Some S3 Questions

    I've put a deposit on a 2011 (July) S3 BE which is subject to viewing. The saleswoman told me it had ami but it was not listed on the website. If it doesn't have it is it just as good using the SD card function on the Sat Nav unit? Do you get to see track names and artist etc..? Also is the...
  9. kayemill

    Whiter Replacement Bulbs for Halogen DRL

    I've been searching for info on this all over the forums for the last week but can't find what I am looking for. I don't want LED's. I found several posts about PIAA Bulbs however the photo's in the thread I found does not include a pic of the DRL's. Just the Sidelights alone and the xenons...
  10. kayemill

    S3 8P Model Differences

    I've done a quick search but can't find the answer. Can someone tell me or show me the differences in the S3 8p models. I have an 8p S3 pre-facelift and I was looking at a couple of cars. Both 60 Plates the same age. Same colour, Mileage and Spec similar but one is almost three grand dearer...
  11. kayemill

    Light Upgrade (T8UPS)

    This is for T8UPS but I cannot PM. I have a 2008 58 Plate Pre-Facelift Ibis White S3. I've seen a few cars around with the white number plate lights and fancied giving it a go. I would also consider the interior lights. I have a few questions. - Are the led No. plate lights legal? - Are they...
  12. kayemill

    Help Me Decide!

    I am looking at a Solar Orange 2007 S3. It's got alot of extras like DVD Sat Nav Bucket Seats etc and only 15,000 miles on the clock. Is £18,490 a reasonable price? I am worried because I will be changing from a 4Dr Cupra. I have two 5 year olds. Will the room in the back be enough and how...