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    [ QUOTE ] They managed to find the cause of the noise, one of the technicians spotted that my offside rear wheel was loose and the nearside rear wouldn't do up to the correct torque. [/ QUOTE ] That's one thing I forgot to mention in the Track Day Editorial, I always check my wheel...
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    how old are you ??

    I'm 26, do I get a prize?
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    Coil Packs - has anyone got one!

    Hi Jo, Seriosuly, if they look at all like they can be dismantled, then by all means send me one. I won't be online much today, but if you need my address then Joshie has it. I can't promise anything, but I'll certainly have a look for you. .....I never could refuse a damsel in distress
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    Coil Packs - has anyone got one!

    I wonder if they can be repaired? Can't be too much in them, presume it's just a coil and perhaps an electronic switch? Does anyone know if they can be dismantled? If so, then I bet I could fix one. -Dan
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    Thank Audi for Quattro/ESP

    Chaps, We have a big car park at work, which when I came to work this morning was: a) empty b) covered in snow/ice I spent a while ploughing it up in my S' !! I've never really felt this phenomenon on the road (but have heard people speaking about it) but if the front cannot get traction you...
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    What kind of company car do you get?

    I recently did that (claimed back the difference from the taxman) a cheque for £1000 !! Lovely-jubbly!
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    What kind of company car do you get?

    I did just that Joshie. Took the money and ran!!!! I get £370 per month, which goes some way towards keeping my S4 on the road. The only appeal of the company car scheme for me was the saving I'd make on insurance (I'm 25) But when you look into it, you get taxed to high heaven for having a...
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    What 's your job

    I do web and unix support and dev. Also dabble in networking when I can
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    My first car;

    Ah... That'll be a Mini City 1.0ltr then. 1980 (W plate) in what can only be described as dog-poo-brown. Bought for £300, lasted me a year before I bought my first proper car (a Cavalier Gsi2000) then lasted my brother 2 more years before it rusted away. ****** reliable though, only...
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    All manor of rubbish

    I thought the same. Perhaps it was made by the same people who made the RS4 wheels!!
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    Thanks for my stars. I've returned the favour. -Dan
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    All manor of rubbish

    erm.. scrach my head. oh yeah, thanks for the stars!! This is great, just like old times!
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    Expect to see alot more soon!!!! well tonight :p

    VAG COM and Technical for me please!
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    come on then Jon, return the favour!
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    where have the forums gone?

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Yes, you are right Steve! HK subwoofers and amps were changed 09/01 in the coupe. Probably with other crossovers to solve the problem with rattle from the subs in the rear deck. /RS2[/b]</font><hr /></blockquote><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Damn...
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    where have the forums gone?

    Neil, haven't you reached 1200 miles yet? I thought I was slow this time around, but you've had yours at least a week longer than me. Have you had a chance to use the SPORT button, what do you think? Do you have any issues with your HK system? 2nd time around I'm not so impressed with mine...