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    early settlement best option ?

    hi just after some advice from people who may have been in a similar situation i am currently 2 years into my pcp agreement and have recently contacted audi finance in regards with voluntarily terminating my agreement and have found out that i am £5200 away from hitting the half way mark this...
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    Carwow drag race s3/a35/r/135

    whats everyones thoughts on the latest drag race the time difference between the saloon and and the yellow sportback from the previous video surely means the car was tuned or is WTLP partly to blame ?
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    Service No Loan Car Available

    Hi guys I have my s3 booked in for a major service this week and have been told by the dealer that they do not have any loan cars available while it’s in for the service and that the nearest time for one is if I rearranged it till mid January ! Which then my car would be over due surely they...
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    Audi S3 Engine Problems

    Its just one thing after another atm with my new Audi driving home tonight just plodding along the A road at 50 while listening to music i could hear a funny noise gradually getting louder and louder now this is what my car sounds like ( ive uploaded a youtube video) looks like i will be calling...
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    Puncture + Kerbed Alloy Advice :(

    I wish one of my first posts would be something more positive but unfortunately it isn't only had my s3 for one week and already had one puncture which blew out the sidewall after hitting this huge crater in the road see picture attached has anyone ever had any luck trying the claim from the...
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    Hi From London Fiesta>S3

    Hi guys/girls soon to be part of the Audi family.going to be collecting my s3 sportback next week after finally getting rid of my first car which was a 04 plate fiesta looking forward to being a part of the community and learning some new things see you around peeps !