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  1. smudge_don

    eBay rant

    What the hell is wrong with some people on eBay!? I've had 2 items sell over the weekend, both of which i now have problems with. 1st of all, the headunit from my Mondeo ST was sold and i specifically put in the listing that i will only ship to the UK. So who wins it? Some knob from Turkey...
  2. smudge_don

    Differences between Spot and S-Line

    Hey guys Just been looking on Autotrader, Pistonheads etc as i'm still looking at the possibility of getting an A5 one day One thing i can't seem to work out is the difference between the Sport and the S-Line models I'm looking at the 3.0TDI engine and the specs seems pretty much the same...
  3. smudge_don

    Psycho woman

    NHN knows all about this, but basically tomorrow (or later this morning) is the day of bliss as the (ex)Mrs is finally going back home!!! :yahoo: She's been living down here with me for about 6 months now, originally from Bedford so she's far from home. Relationship got worse and worse for many...
  4. smudge_don

    RR day - AMD Essex, June 26th Anyone up for a RR day on 26th June at AMD in Essex? Check out the official thread above :)
  5. smudge_don

    RR day - AMD Essex, June 26th Anyone up for a RR day on 26th June at AMD in Essex? Check out the official thread above :)
  6. smudge_don

    RR day - AMD Essex, June 26th

    Right, got Sunday 26th June booked in with AMD essex for a RR day I need at least 10 names of people who are 100% and i will be taking £20 as a deposit before the day to stop people from dropping out last minute Full price for each car is £35 which includes 2 dyno runs and a print out of...
  7. smudge_don

    eBay dispute

    Hi guys I sold my TTRS recently on eBay to someone in Greece, they paid promptly and i sent out the item in the next couple of days. With the box being very heavy, i did my best to use as much bubble wrap and tape as possible in order to stop things getting damaged on it's way to Greece. The...
  8. smudge_don

    A5 Sportback Pics

    Anyone got any pictures of their A5 sportback? I used to hate the look of these but i've kind of grown to like them (i think) Would be good to see pictures of anyone who owns one on here
  9. smudge_don


    This isn't the 1st time that this has happened. Please keep that in mind while i rant on Me and the Mrs have been together for about 18months now, and ****'s getting serious as she's moving in as soon as the house sale goes through, which should be very soon She's always been extremely...
  10. smudge_don

    A5 with a 3.0TDI engine

    Hey guys Really wanting an A5 for my next car in a year or so, and was wondering what people's thoughts and opinions on the 3.0TDI lump were in the A5? Any common problems with the engine or the A5 itself? Anything to be aware of? Cheers :)
  11. smudge_don

    TV Technology

    Been looking into getting a new TV for when we finally move into the new house, and i was wanting peoples thoughts on LED, LCD and Plasma From reviews that i've read, LED is obviously the newest, and most say you can certainly see a difference between LCD and LED. Darker blacks, brighter...
  12. smudge_don

    TTRS Brembo 370mm brake setup

    Right guys, i need this setup gone now as the house sale is getting closer and closer!!! Audi TTRS (Brembo) 370mm front brake setup fits TT/A3 on eBay (end time 09-Jan-11 09:33:52 GMT) The set will come with everything you need to bolt straight onto an A3/S3 8P, and has only covered around...
  13. smudge_don

    N8's old car?

    Audi A3 2.0 T FSI quattro S-Line Special Edition Check out the purple interior!!! :jump:
  14. smudge_don

    Some tw@ just took my mirror off!!

    WHAT THE ACTUAL ****!!!?? Driving back to work from lunch and theres a car parked on the other side of the road with a car coming towards it. My side of the road is clear so i carry on as you would, and he pulls out into the middle of the road to overtake the parked car and smashed my mirror...
  15. smudge_don

    Car is sold!!

    WAHHHEEEYYYY!!!! :yahoo: Someone has put a deposit down today and will be taking it off me next weekend! Couldn't be happier :) He was even considering taking my brakes off me as well :laugh: he still might!! Also said that he's been on this forum looking about at things and will keep the car...
  16. smudge_don

    GT5 Recall....uh oh!

    Gran Turismo 5 recalled « Sniff Petrol
  17. smudge_don

    Anyone heard from benskin?

    Just wondering if anyone has heard from him recently? Was supposed to be buying my brakes but i haven't heard from him in over a week...:think:
  18. smudge_don

    GT5 online game this weekend - Saturday 4th December

    Hey guys Going to the Mrs' place for the weekend, which has internet! So i'm gonna take my PS3 with me while she's at work from 3pm - 10pm Anyone fancy a few online races? Not sure how it works yet as i haven't played online, don't even have a PS3 tag yet :laugh: Just gathering some interest...
  19. smudge_don

    GT5 - ASN Member in a reasonably priced car - December

    The 1st official ASN member in a reasonably priced car competition is here!!! The car will change each month depending on a vote that i will make a new thread for at the end of each month This competition will be open from 1st December to 31st December Rules to enter are as follows: 1. Each...
  20. smudge_don

    GT5 Pics Thread

    Post pics of your GT5 experiences in here!!!! :happy: Take a photo, then from the GTmode home screen, on the left, click on photo album. All your pics will come up, hit triangle and the click, 'export to xmb'. They'll be under photos in the PS3 home screen and then just put them on usb and...