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    The saloon is HOW much?

    You guys need to compare like-for-like, the saloon is limited to certain engines and configurations only. As already mentioned, the saloon has a price premium of around £900 over the sportback. Personally I don't see the point myself, if you want a saloon get an A4.
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    But this is the point I'm making. If the point was to produce a more powerful engine without comprising fuel efficiency then how come you can still have the same (if not slightly better) performance in the same 140ps engine without COD. Kind of defeats the point of having the tech in the first...
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    Actually the Seat's standard 140ps petrol engine is marginally more powerful than the Audi's.
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    I'm a little bit sceptical regarding the fuel savings of these current COD engines over a standard petrol version. Seat have the standard 1.4 140ps petrol on their Leon, and as yet no official announcement as to when they'll get the COD/ACT variant, and already owners are posting real-life...
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    Does anybody have the "asset protection"?

    Or use a cheaper quote to try and knock down the Audi dealer quote.
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    Does anybody have the "asset protection"?

    Now this really is a joke.
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    Does anybody have the "asset protection"?

    You do seem to talk a load of nonsense. Opinions are being expressed here, nothing more. Illegal my ***. At least the opinions expressed here are generally unbiased, unlike yours it seems.
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    OMC (Oh My Cod!)

    I had a lengthy test drive the equivalent Golf GT ACT and on their DIS it clearly states you're in 2 Cylinder mode. It'll basically kick in whenever you're not accelerating heavily so it does actually come on quite a lot. It's not noticeable when it activates but on the odd occasion you can feel...
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    Cancel dealer order and go to broker?

    I tend to find drivethedeal prices usually cheaper than Orange wheels.
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    What do i order 1.4tfsi 'COD' or 2.0tdi SB sline?

    OP, if I were you I'd want to test the 1.4 TFSI COD engine first before making any decision. It'll likely to be impossible to get the Audi version to test drive but you could try the Golf GT ACT version with the same engine.
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    A bump up my side side 2 hours ago in my Corsa has made me nervous!

    That's what's insurance is for surely.
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    Rear view mirror falling off...

    That's what I was thinking.
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    1.4 COD Sportback S Line Nearly Here!

    Do any dealers have the 1.4 COD as a demonstrator yet? I was in the Golf version last week and wouldn't mind a drive in the A3 for comparison. BTW, it's very clearly displayed on the Golf's display when you're in 2 cylinder mode.
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    LED Front indicators?

    The only car I know of in the UK that has full LED headlights at the moment is the new Seat Leon.
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    S-Line config vs Sport/SE

    Oh, OK. Thanks
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    S-Line config vs Sport/SE

    That's no true. for example, cost for an A3 1.4 TFSI 140 3dr: S-Line = £23430 Sport = £21280 (+ Xenon pack = £22530)
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    Availability of TDI quattro 184ps

    Thought about leasing for the first time. Can I ask where you've seen good lease deals for the GTD?
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    Xenon light package, advice please.

    Can you guys confirm something? If you order the Xenon light pack, that'll include the interior light package but if you ordered the S-Line then you'd need to order the interior light package separately? I'm just trying to work out whether it's cheaper to order a Sport model and add some of the...
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    Best MPG - 85.6

    It depends how it's achieved. For example, I could reset my average mpg then coast down the hill outside my house and achieve 99mpg. Hardly realistic though.
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    Engine Change after only 200 miles.

    I refer you to the following from your link: Having to accept 3 repairs is not accepted as current law and certainly does not overrule your right to reject.