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  1. mhr1972

    Master cylinder?

    Can i ask: My S3 - 02 plate (70k), has started playing up with clutch. The pedal, only when cold(worst first thing in morning) goes half way down before there is bite. This will last 1-3 miles or upto 5 minutes, generally untill warm. Then the pedal is back at the top. Having no problem...
  2. mhr1972

    Seat back motor fixed. Recaro. S3

    For all those with recaro's and maybe your seat back motor is not working on S3 then maybe read on: After stripping the seat out and apart i found a connector from the circuit board to the motor hidden in the seat frame at the bottom. This had come un-done. The harness from the curcuit board...
  3. mhr1972


    Having problem with traction on my S3-2002 plate. Have P-Zeros fitted but still in wet the wheels spin and now in the snow have to leave at home as she gets stuck on the slightest incline. On checking on ice/snow to see if Quattro is working only front wheels spin. Have checked fuses all seem...
  4. mhr1972

    Inop recaro seat motor. S3 -2002

    Can i ask out there. My seat back seat motor has stopped today. Rest of electric functions work, up/down and lumber. Have checked curcuit board this seems correct by vault meter. Intend to check at motor to see if wire has failed, but seat seems complicated to pull apart. Is there a link to...
  5. mhr1972


    Does any body know if the newer model sat nav will fit our model? I'm looking at a 2006 sat nav to fit my 2002 car?? have seen an S3 on a 52plate that had similar navigation double din system fitted, the type with only one turnable round botton, over two for our age model. Cheers.
  6. mhr1972

    False Economy - Coil Packs

    Bought some Coil Packs from flea bay. £18.99 a peice. MPG down from 32 - 23(around town) within 80 miles. Have just bought some VW/Audi Orginals(Not OE) from Euro Carparts at £27 each. Beware. I got exactly what i paid for 'rubbish'. Car runs smoother and MPG is rising. Parts all...
  7. mhr1972

    Cruise control! again!

    Have seen post on retro fitting cruise and wire/non-wire throttle cables and VAGCOM to switch on. Was said that you can install a VW cruise stalk. These are on E-bay for under £60 with cable to connect to loom. Does anybody know which VW stalk to install. part Number ect.. Or is it a visit...
  8. mhr1972

    Warning lights.

    I did ask about Ecoteks on S3's, during the week. Gave it a go...Yea, dos'nt work. Fuel economy took a dive. I'll sack that idea. Did take MAF off to clean and had a peak at a spark plug(will replace tomorrow). Now the ESP and a warning lamp(not listed in manual) shows an engine/opposite ESP...
  9. mhr1972

    Ecotek or not to Ecotek

    Has anybody fitted an Ecotek to their S3 with any luck. Mine 02-plate 225 bhp. Did have 1 fitted to Golf GTI (150) Mk4, years ago when a new car and improved BHP and gave me 42 MPG, also fitted 1 to an Audi S2 which gave me 30 MPG(trust me thats good!!). Further, when i had my S2 the...
  10. mhr1972

    S2 80 Estate Cone filter

    Could anyone answer? Interested on getting a cone filter to replace the standard airfilter box. I can get a filter for cheap money, but, as this is a universal fitting, does it matter on how much air is let through the filter or should i pay 4 x times the price and pay for a filter that is...