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  1. mikeyboy

    Compulsive liars

    What is it with people who just talk utter bull s##t 24/7? A young boy who has started working at my place of work on a 6 month "work experience scheme" talks so much s##t that I get annoyed even just looking at him. When he first started he told us that he was a fully qualified mechanic and he...
  2. mikeyboy

    Service history???

    Just a quick question about service history. I bought a 63 plate A6 s line 2.0 TDI 11 months ago when it had 63500 miles on the clock. When I first looked at the car and asked to see the service history there was no service book in the glove box, the salesman (independent dealer) said all Audi's...
  3. mikeyboy

    Squeaky brakes

    For the last couple of weeks or so I've noticed my brakes have been making a horrible squeaking noise. The noise starts when I lightly use the brakes (eg around town, slowing down for junctions etc) but disappears when I put more pressure on the break pedal. They will squeak all the way around...
  4. mikeyboy

    Thinking about moving over to BMW

    I honestly never thought I would say this but I'm thinking of buying a 2012 plate 520d m sport. I currently drive a b8 A4 S-Iine saloon 1.8 TFSI (160). The car I had before this was an 8p A3 2.0 TDI (140). Now until earlier on today I would always say that my next car was going to be a C7 A6 as...
  5. mikeyboy


    It's my dad's birthday today so lastnight I popped over to tesco and got him a few beers and a £25 gift card for Waterstones. I wrote his birthday card out thismorning, got his beer and then looked into an empty carrier bag. **** sake!!! I've lost the gift card!! I was sure it was in the carrier...
  6. mikeyboy

    What mileage do you guys do in your A6's?

    Hi. I currently drive a b8 A4 saloon 1.8TFSI (160) S-line, car is absolutely brilliant, still makes me smile every time I drive it. I've had a few courtesy lifts from my local dealer in a C7 A6 and wow! What a car! I love everything about it, especially the way the mmi screen pops out the dash...
  7. mikeyboy

    argumentative moron!

    I just got into a bit of a debate with one of my dad's old friends. He was more or less saying it's a complete waste that I own a b8 A4 S-line because I "only do 6k miles a year" and having a nice car doesn't justify that mileage. I asked him how much mileage he does a year to which he replied...
  8. mikeyboy

    chrome door mirror covers

    Hi peeps, I've found these door mirror covers on ebay and was just wondering do they just simply clip over the door mirror? Or is it a mirror off job?
  9. mikeyboy

    N/S door mirror indicator not working

    Hi folks, my dad's 2012 A3 sportback's n/s door mirror indicator is not working. How difficult a job is this to do on your own and will he have to buy an actual led strip? Cheers in advance.
  10. mikeyboy


    Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that when your in a taxi the engines always seem so quiet and smooth. Everytime I'm in a taxi (except for black cabs) I always find it so quiet, smooth and relaxing. I was in a Toyota avensis diesel yesterday and it was as quiet as a mouse and as smooth...
  11. mikeyboy

    Broken rear spring?

    Hi folks. Jumped in my car thismorning, fired her up & stuck the heater on full blast to start defrosting the windscreen. As I got out the car to get my scraper from the boot I heard a loud bang coming from underneath the car. I cleared the windscreen and then set off for work. Not too far into...
  12. mikeyboy


    So I was driving to my mates house earlier on when all of a sudden BANG! Fright of my life as it was last thing I was expecting but some little **** had pelted my windscreen with a snowball (I say snow but really I would call it ice since all the snow has frozen solid). I stop and look around to...
  13. mikeyboy

    losing coolant since service

    Hi folks, I had my car serviced last Monday at my local vag specialist. Out of interest I popped the bonnet up on Thursday night just to check fluid levels etc (I'm a bit ocd) and noticed the coolant level was a wee bit below the max mark. I always have all my levels at the max mark so I topped...
  14. mikeyboy

    Mot Protection

    Hi peeps. Does anybody on here know how this mot protection works? I bought my approved used A4 s-line 7 months ago & the salesman told me it has mot protection which would cover repairs up to £750 should my car fail it's mot. I've been reading up on this on some other forums and some people...
  15. mikeyboy

    Window rattle

    Hi peeps. My A4's drivers door window started rattling a few weeks ago. The rattle is mainly heard when driving over rough ground and as you can imagine is annoying the **** out of me. I have noticed though if I put the window down just a touch the rattle stops completely. I picked my car up...
  16. mikeyboy

    V power is it worth it?

    Hi peeps. I not long ago bought a 58 plate A4 s-line 1.8T (160). The car is great (still miss my A3 2.0 TDI though). I was recently thinking of running it on v power but I understand you have to run 3 tank fills of the stuff before you notice a difference. I was wondering do you actually notice...
  17. mikeyboy

    Approved used audi - peeling lacquer on front bumper

    Hi folks just a quick question. I bought an approved used misano red Audi A4 s-line 1.8T just 7 weeks ago. After a week or two of ownership a work mate pointed out that the lacquer was peeling off the front bumper, at first it didn't really bother me to be honest but now every time I look at it...
  18. mikeyboy

    1.8 TFSI (160) belt or chain?

    Hi I've not been on here in a while, I used to lurk about in the 8p section but today I'm glad to say I picked up a 58 plate A4 1.8 TFSI (160) S-LINE with only 25k on the clock:-). My question is whether this engine is belt or chain driven. I've googled it and found some people saying it's chain...
  19. mikeyboy

    Esp fault fixed free of charge from audi?

    My esp light came on in my car last week and has remained on since. I phoned a local vag specialist today who is going to plug the car into vcds/vag com tomorrow to see what the fault is. He is fairly confident that the whole esp/abs pump will need replaced as this was a very common fault with...
  20. mikeyboy

    Letting the engine idle for a bit before switching off

    I'm having a bit of a debate with my dad here, I always idle my engine for at least 30 seconds before switching it off or 2 mins if I've been planting my right foot on the throttle. The reason I do this is to keep the oil supply to the turbo while it slows down so it's not spinning without...