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  1. Cupramax

    An up and down couple of weeks with the B7

    Dont quite understand how you can trash your clutch/flywheel just be changing down to second at 50mph??? You should be within the rev limit (just) for second so what happened? Sounds a bit weird to me...
  2. Cupramax

    Audi A4 FSI S-line 2.0

    If you look at Superchips website they have dyno graphs for all the remaps. if its a 2.0 Tfsi expect 250hp.
  3. Cupramax

    Audi S4 Alloys

    On B6 S4's 18's were standard
  4. Cupramax

    B7 S4 radiator leak

    Radiators are a known issue (I think the auxiliary ones) so I'd get it looked at by the dealer ASAP. You dont want to cook a V8!!!s
  5. Cupramax

    Sat Nav Info - RNS-E

    No mate, Garmins use a different system and the RNS-E isn't designed to read map info from the SD slots, not even for points of interest.
  6. Cupramax

    Will these wheels fit on my car ??

    Fear any female driving that, scraped rims are us...
  7. Cupramax

    Will these wheels fit on my car ??

    I dont think you're quite understanding wheel offsets. ET29 will stick out too far, and adding spacers will make it even worse. Higher offset i.e. ET35 will stick further into the arch, not out.
  8. Cupramax

    Will these wheels fit on my car ??

    ET29 will stick out too much on a standard B6/7 A4. ET35 is the absolute limit you can run without them stciking out of the arches and looking rediculous.
  9. Cupramax

    RS4 Grill for S-Line B7

    With a little help from Audizine... ;)
  10. Cupramax

    B7 Cabrio Aftermarket Exhaust

    I seem to remember whoever fitted mine had to "adjust it" a tad to get it around the bracing. I'm sure if you asked for S4 type back boxes you'd be fine... you would however need to fit the factory S4 valance trim to go with it and this only fits the Sline bumpers from memory.
  11. Cupramax

    B7 Cabrio Aftermarket Exhaust

    Not sure if they meant they haven't got any stock rather than they dont make them as they have them listed on their website... I have one on mine albeit a 3.2. If you're looking for another manufacturer any of the usuall...
  12. Cupramax

    A4 Sline Cabrio B7 S-Line 2.0TDI

    No its not, there's no sub in the boot, just the amp. There are 20cm woofers in the front doors... ;) Everything you ever needsed to know about the A4 Cab Bose system attached.
  13. Cupramax

    A4 Sline Cabrio B7 S-Line 2.0TDI

    Parcel shelf on a cabrio eh? I'm liking the idea of that... ;)
  14. Cupramax

    What the F....

    I dont know about WTF, but that advert is spouting a whole load of *****. Judging by what I can see of the pics in the advert the finish on those seats is definitely not factory Audi exclusive quality (infact they look like seat covers) so maybe its a back street special retrim and as for all...
  15. Cupramax

    RS4 conversion

    Dont you think the insurance company will be interested when you've turned it into something that looks like an RS4 cab? You'll get mullered for insurance just as bad and if you dont tell them thats insurance fraud...
  16. Cupramax

    RS4 conversion

    For the amount of effort and cost you might as well just sell it and buy an RS4... dont forget you'll need the B7 front lights as well seeing as yours is a B6. I'm all for modding but you're really just ******* money down the drain because at the end of the day it will still be a 3.0 Cab... and...
  17. Cupramax

    Changing the steering resistance on a S5

    I doubt it although I may be proven wrong. The A3 & Golf have electric power steering which you can adjust the rate of assistance, I'm pretty sure the S5 has conventional hydraulic Servotronic steering which I've never seen anything regarding adjustments via Vagcom on.
  18. Cupramax

    Anyone have a boot liner/mat?

    The one in my Cabrio saved me from having a boot full of red wine, well worth it IMHO.
  19. Cupramax

    Alloys Offset Query

    Sorry but thats utter b*ll*cks. The only effect it will have is slightly increased loads on your suspension joints due to the extra offset. 35's are right on the limit of what you can get away with though, they will fill the arches totally.
  20. Cupramax

    4GB SD cards for RNS-E at less than £5

    That says the SD max capacity is 2gb so thats clearly wrong as well ;)