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    Door handle rattle

    I have major rattles from the interior front door handles, especially the driver door. The noise stops if I pull just enough on the handles to take up the slack in the door release system. Does anyone know if this is an easy fix? An adjustment or something?
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    S3 Stage 1 stalling

    I got a stage 1 remap for my 2015 S3 DSG the other day. It was fine before, but since the remap it keeps stalling, several times a day. Like literally, you're just driving along, then suddenly the engine cuts out and the EPC light comes on. There is no response from the accelerator pedal, and...
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    TIP lock bolt

    Fat fingered the bolt during installation of a Forge TIP. Guess what? There is no part number for this bolt, and no part description in the service manual/parts catalogue for this bolt, as it is only supplied as integral part of the turbo. Thankfully, a little trial and error revealed that an...