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  1. Agent57

    Sepang S3 smashed up :(

    Thankyou! The car is at a garage recommended by Audi Esurance yes. What a load of rubbish that service is too!
  2. Agent57

    Sepang S3 smashed up :(

    2 months! you're joking? I was expecting a few weeks max!. On the up side, I have an £80,000 Mercedes S class as a courtesy car :) I must say I definitely prefer the Audi regardless of the massive price difference.
  3. Agent57

    Sepang S3 smashed up :(

    Will try to figure out photobucket....
  4. Agent57

    Sepang S3 smashed up :(

    So not even 1 year in and my S3 has been hit! I was sat stationary at a stop sign and a white van hit my front Right. It's now sat at the garage awaiting parts, I'm just hoping the paint match is okay. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
  5. Agent57

    Swap DTUK box S3/Golf R

    Would it be possible to take a DTUK box out of an S3 S-Tronic and install it in a DSG Golf R without having to reprogram the unit?
  6. Agent57

    Lowering springs

    Discount you say? count me in haha.
  7. Agent57

    Adaptive Cruise Control + Lowering Springs?

    Thanks for that, although to me that thread sounds more like "Adaptive Chassis Control" and not "Adaptive Cruise control".
  8. Agent57

    Adaptive Cruise Control + Lowering Springs?

    Im looking to buy some 20mm H&R's for my S3 but after enquiring about fitting to a local VAG specialist I'm a little concerned. The guy said that because my car has ACC there is a chance that after it has been lowered the system could stop working and the only way to fix would be a £500+...
  9. Agent57

    DTUK tuning chip

    I recently bought a DTUK box of a fellow member on here and I can honestly say it transformed the car! My car is an S-Tonic and I run program 1-3 no problems with no clutch slippage.
  10. Agent57

    DTUK £300 worth it?

    I have been offered a brand new DTUK FSR+ plus box for my MY16 S3. Ideally i wanted to go down the REVO/APR route but being as though my ECU is locked on these new cars it seems my options are limited. Are these boxes worth it?
  11. Agent57

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Although the car is a couple of weeks old there was still a fair amount of stubborn build up, more noticeable underneath and on the inner two pipes. I wish I had taken some before pics now. Normal car shampoo to start with Clay bar Liquid brasso (not my first choice of product but I'm now a...
  12. Agent57

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Picked up my new S3 a couple weeks ago. I'm slowly giving it the full Gtechniq treatment...more pics to follow.
  13. Agent57

    S3 Tracker?

    Old iPhone for me,always on charge and hidden in spare wheel. Then use find my friends on my current iPhone. The Pay as you go SIM card uses about .50p a week in data charges. I can also set my phone to alert me if the car leaves a set location. Not an official tracker I know but I'd does the...
  14. Agent57

    S3 v E63 AMG idiots (Video)

    Im not quite sure how the colour of the car is a reflection on everyone else? The make, model or colour has nothing to do with his style of driving.
  15. Agent57

    S3 v E63 AMG idiots (Video)

    A new video I came across on youtube today, thoughts?
  16. Agent57

    September 1st - new 8V owners

    Take a look at Watford Audi's midnight launch it looked fab!
  17. Agent57

    Feeling short changed?

    The one pictured was an A4 key
  18. Agent57

    Feeling short changed?

    Ok guys, Im currently awaiting delivery of an S3 and to be honest i can't wait! It seems to me that a few people on here have had a few niggles when there car actually arrives, this being that something on the car was different to what was advertised in the brochure or online. I will start the...
  19. Agent57

    Lunar Silver discontinued?

    I'm even more over the moon now that I have it and it's been discontinued