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  1. P40ULW

    Happy holidays peeps!!

    Just like @antowens has said we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Northwest. Sorry i couldn't be at alot of the meets this year but work takes priority sadly. Hopefully next year will be a very active a fun packed one for all and i get to meet some more...
  2. P40ULW

    My new addition

    [emoji12] argh!!!!!! My new addition I missed my mini too much so I've bought this as a toy
  3. P40ULW

    Subtle changes

    Some colour coding going on, engine cover, rear splitter, front splitter and fake brake duct bits in the side pods of the front bumper. Also fitted the Quattro gear knob. Im loving all the changes so far :)
  4. P40ULW

    S1 exhaust options

    This is a good read: So the options i can find so far are: Miltek Supersprint ABT FOX sportsautos...
  5. P40ULW

    New addidtion

    its not fitted yet and wont be for a few weeks as im back off to work again thursday but i will get some pics up as soon as its fitted! A genuine RS1 replica grill :)
  6. P40ULW

    now this is scary! :/

    I know i have almost missed a junction and done something similar to the focus driver in the past. <div id="fb-root"></div> <script>(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src =...
  7. P40ULW

    Quattro Sport Front Bumper On An S1?

    Will the above work? I maybe able to get hold of a Quattro sport front bumper and all the trim but will if fit and work with the S1's cooling config and would it be a straight swap?
  8. P40ULW

    Sky Insurance Call Back

    So i was over the moon with the speed that SKY got back to me after filling in their form online for a call back BUT and its a HUGE BUT the call only lasted 1 minute due to the guy i spoke to telling me they couldn't beat my quote without even asking for any of my details? He asked me what my...
  9. P40ULW

    Ultimate Northwest Car Cruise Meet 5, Sunday 31st Aug

    After speaking with @antowens we will be going to this on sunday. I know its another late notice meet but we wondered if it appealed to anyone in the Northwest at all? Theres meant to be over 1100 people/cars attending! The umbers alone have attracted me their should be a huge variety of cars...
  10. P40ULW

    S1 Haldex Or Permanent?

    SO theres been a few people comment on the fact that the new S1 is permanent and a few people contradict this. I've also had 2 Audi dealership salesmen tell me its permanent and only 1 Audi dealership salesman tell me its haldex. (before anyone slates my salesmen comment above i know they don't...
  11. P40ULW

    Very Late Notice But Thought Some People Might Be Interested!

    I know this is abit of a late one but i thought it might be worth telling you about it. Theres a RWYB rolling road happening tomorrow with some pretty good rates. It's just north of coventry about 1 1/2 hours from manchester heres a link to their address on google maps...
  12. P40ULW

    2 Spots In Stockport

    Anyone know who's is the bright green A3 in stockport? i see you on a regular basis and saw you yesterday near Dunelm Also saw a decked dark grey A3 with gorgeous almost flat faced wheels near the gardeners arms on thursday
  13. P40ULW

    2 Weeks With My S1

    So my S1 is now 2 weeks old and I've loved every one of the 1K miles I've covered so far. There are few options I'm really happy i managed to get. Both Quattro packs (Interior & Exterior) are well worth getting if you can afford them. Interior plus points: The super-sports seats are extremely...
  14. P40ULW

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    I cannot wait to see this! It was my favourite cartoon when i was younger and my favourite colour is alaso green due the turtles :)
  15. P40ULW

    Lets Be Cops

    Saw the trailer for this at the cinema last night and it looks AWESOME! cant wait to see it
  16. P40ULW

    Hospital Day Today :(

    I'm not looking forward to this afternoon at all. I started having pains in my side the day after i picked my new car up, i at first thought i had pulled something in the gym and it was a case of D.O.M.S but 4 days later the pain had shifted and i was in excruciating pain nearly immediately...
  17. P40ULW

    TOO excited! Hello :)

    So I've been a member on here since i had my first Audi (A3 53reg 2.0FSI sport) by midday today i will be the proud owner of a brand new S1 spec: Sepang blue Quattro exterior pack Quattro interior pack Door arm rests in fine nappa leather 18" matt black wheels Red brake calipers Connectivity...
  18. P40ULW

    TT 240 Quattro sport mk1

    I will keep this simple :) Any buying advice? First mods choices? Wanting around 300bhp, doable for a daily or not?
  19. P40ULW

    8p1 interior???

    will golf mk5 seats fit into my a3 8p1? im looking at some mk5 golf r32 or mk5 golf gti interior will the whole interior fit? will the front seats fit? will the rear seats fit? will the door cards fit? if not what other interiors can i look for to upgrade my bland interior? thanks for...
  20. P40ULW


    just had a look at a thread on here and went looking for some wheels on fleebay. will 19" 5x100 fitment fit my 53 2.0 fsi sport?