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    A3 1.9tdi Turbo Upgrade?

    Hi all, After recently having my full service I was informed that my turbo is on its way out. Are there any other bigger turbos that will bolt on without too much trouble? (Is it even worth getting a bigger turbo?) My car is a 2005 A3 1.9tdi (Remapped) Thankyaaaar :thumbsup:
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    1.9Tdi Decat

    Hi, I'm looking for a decat pipe for my 2005 1.9Tdi I've found this one but it says it doesn't fit the 2005 model.AUDI A4 VW GOLF PASSAT 1.9TDI TURBO STAINLESS STEEL EXHAUST 3BOLT DECAT DOWNPIPE | eBay Could someone shed any light on the one i need?
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    *Noob Question* Coilovers

    First off, please excuse my noobiness haha My question is, do coilovers need to be installed on a flat ground? Or can they be fitted on my drive (slight incline) Cheers :wub:
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    Aftermarket head unit installation help

    Hi all, I have a single din stereo and was tempted to go for the double din conversion but i've decided to go for an aftermarket single stereo instead. What do I need to install one? Any adapters etc?
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    2005-2008 S-line front bumper

    Hi, How much for an a3 s-line front bumper (2005-2008) 3 door I also need the fog surrounds Can't get my chassis number atm but it's a 2005 (single grill) 1.9tdi sport Cheers
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    Wheel and tyre help

    I've been offered some wheels that are 18x9 et52, will these fit okay? Also, i'm concerned about they tyres on them. They are 215/35/18, will there be much stretch and what will the ride comfort be like on the 35 profiles? The car will be a daily driver, about 70 miles a day so I want some...
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    Collecting an interior

    Hi all, Will I be able to fit the seats (front & rear) into my a3? As in, collect lol. Would it be better to remove my rear seats before setting off? Cheers
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    Engine Management Light after oil change

    So my engine management light has come on straight after an oil change. What could this be?
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    Opinions on fat fives

    Just looking see what peoples thoughts are on the fat fives as i'm in two mind wether to get some or not :/ Any pictures will be appreciated too :)!
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    Fitting Bentley wheels

    I'm looking at getting some Bentley wheels for my A3. They are 19 x 9j ET41. I understand I will need 215/35/19 tyres, will that amount of stretch be safe as I do 200+ miles per week? Or will 225/35/19 fit? Thanks
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    Another 'Will these fit' thread

    First off, I'm relatively new to this forum so hi all! I was looking at buying some Rs6 alloys (reps) They are 18 x 8.5J (ET38) Will they fit?