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    Rain sensing wipers...

    Pain in the ****, I want the wipers on when I tell then! Anyone know how to stop them?? Thanks, Richard
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    best place to buy S4 arb from??

    After reading lots of posts & threads, think i'll take the plunge & invest. Where is the best place to buy, dealer, ebay or indipendant?? many thanks, Richard
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    whats the difference between 3l tdi (204) & tdv (233 or whatever) ????

    apart from the obviouse bhp, is it just a remap or mechanical difference? Richard :laugh: :redrs4::greyrs4::detective2:
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    rear wash wipe intermitant? faulty motor??

    Hi, my rear wiper has decided to go faulty just weeks before we drive down to the Alps. Anyone tried stripping one down before or had any experience in repairing? Garage reckons its a faulty motor? i'm not sure, is there some kind of ecu / electronics that operate it & if so, where are they...
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    headlight removal - bumper off or not??

    Hi all, need to check my connections inside headlight unit as one flickers off occasionally when driving, mainly on bumpy roads. done a bit of research & had a quick go, got as far as light unit loose in hole, unsupported but cant see a way of getting it out without removing the bumper. is...
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    xenon headlight trouble.

    Morning, noticed this morning that my drivers side flickered a few times then went off for about a second or so, then came back on. It did this about every minuite or so, very frustrating. would this be more likely to be an ignighter problem or lamp or ballasts?? I will try to swap over...
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    clicking clutch when depressed?

    Hello, clutch pedal clicks lightly when pushed about half way down, the faster I push the pedal the louder the click is. ? Not a big click but its bugging me, is there somewhere obvious it could be catching? Richard :gaehn:
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    service reset anyone?

    Hi, I have 3l tdi 204bhp, when i picked it up a few weeks ago it was showing service in the dis, it wasnt reset after last service about a month ago. followed the service reset in the hand book, but it has just reset it back to 0.0 miles, 0.0 days to next service. is there something else i...
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    Clicking clutch?

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, looks quite helpful from what I have read so far tho! Just bought a 2005 B6 3.0tdi quattro avant, done about a hundred miles so far but have started to notice the clutch pedal clicks half way down. Can't remember it doing it when I picked it up?? It seems to click...