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  1. briankemp78

    Reasons to buy a C5 RS6

    Hey troops, Well I thought I would write a wee bit about ownership of the C5 RS6 as it seems that most of the people in the RS6 section write mostly about running costs and and reasons not to buy one. Anyway it's 3 months now since I bought my phantom black MTM tuned C5 saloon and all I can...
  2. briankemp78

    TLC Detailing in Stirling

    Alright troops, Anyone used TLC Detailing in Stirling. Great looking website very West Coast Customs lol. If any members have a contact there give me a shout. Cheers
  3. briankemp78

    TLC Detailing in Stirling

    Well troops I bit the bullet and bought a C5 RS6. Already my head is full of micro machines crashing into one another with ideas on what to do with it. I posted on here before to see if any of the Scottish members have used Infinity Wraps but there web site seems a bit dead and you cannot...
  4. briankemp78

    Powder Coating Falkirk

    Hi all, Has any of the Scottish members used Williams powder coaters in Falkirk to have there wheels done. What was the average price for 4 wheels done and was the finish any good. They are the closest to me so seems a logical choice.
  5. briankemp78

    Yellow headlights

    Hey all, Ive been looking at getting a C5 RS6 and seen one which is mechanically sound, new gearbox, coil overs and new disks and pads. However the headlight covers are a horrible yellow colour. I see this everyday over in Dubai where I work and I think it's caused by a breakdown in the UV...
  6. briankemp78

    Original Paint or Wrap

    Hi folks, As posted in the other forums I'm on the hunt for an RS6 C5. I went to see one the other day and I was amazed at how good the paint work was on the vehicle. Now normally alarm bells would start ringing and you suspect a re-spray after some sort of damage but no it's all down to the...
  7. briankemp78

    RS6 C5 wanted.

    Well Folks after a good year of scrimping and saving I am now in the position to get myself an RS6 C5. I'm looking to see if there is any members on here parting with theirs before I go down the Internet search route. I've seen a couple I like and would prefer an avant however won't rule out...
  8. briankemp78

    Cvt Repair

    Evening all, Well after several years of trouble free motoring from my 2.0 TDI Avant the CVT transmission developed a fault while on the motorway from Scotland to Manchester. The car still drives but will not go up hills very well. There are no warning lights on the dash and the engine can be...
  9. briankemp78

    No sound from speakers

    Hi all, Here is my problem I replaced the battery on my 2007 2.0 tdi avant and now I have no sound coming through the speakers. The car is the s line model fitted with the sat nav and bose sound system. Everything on the head unit works as it should but as I say no sound. Is there a fuse...