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    audi tt light not workin help please

    hi i thought my tt blew the dipped headlight bulb but have found out there is no power to that bulb i have checked the fuse and thats ok the other head light works fine can any one tell me wat it could be many thanks davie:slapped:
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    tt headlight bulb £134

    hi every one my head light dip xezon bulb blew on my tt so phoned audi for one he said £134 including vat wat a rip off and thats only for one oh and he had it in stock :w00t:
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    exellent joke if your a scottsman

    scottsman englishman irishman get granted a wish from a genie ,irishman says i wish it was sunny in ireland all the time his wish was granted englishman says i want a wall all around england his wish was granted scottsman says "genie wat does this wall consist of" genie replies its 5000 ft high...
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    three tortoises

    three tortoises ray ,jack ,ned go away for a picknick its 10 miles away and it takes them 10 days to get there they finnaly get there and open the rucksack and have forgot the tin opener ,ray sayes jack you will have to go back and get it ,jack says no way by time i get back you to will have ate...
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    blue smoke comes out back exaust when i change gear how?

    hi folks my audi tt 225 belches blue smoke out the back when i change gears i dont do a lot of running about in it its done 62000 mls i prob do about 4000 a year in it is there any remidy for this many thanks davie:unsure:
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    seat belt dampin my 225 tt convertable any explanations please

    :banghead:hi every one my passenger seat belt in my 225 tt convertable is really damp in the winter or when its heavy rain the roof is perfect so dont know how it is getting like this . has one any ideas how this is happening many thanks davie
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    what is best oil for my tt

    hi every one got fully syinthetic oil from my motor shop it was £35 for 4 leters and car was fine .later when i needed an oil change i saw fully syinthetic oil at tesco it was £18 i thought yes bargain put it in and find smoke comes out in plumes some times when driving can this be this oil...
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    can you help me with fitting headlight washer pump on my tt

    is it easy to fit the head light washer pump on my 225 tt do you have to take the front bumper off many thanks davie:blownose:
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    blow job

    a man says to his wife get ready,me you and the dog are goin fishing.wife says i dont want to go ,man gives her 3 choises ,fishing,blow job or take it up the ****.wife picks blow job. after sucking for a while she says this tastes like **** man says i know the dog didnt want to go fishing ether...
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    esp on tt and tyre pressure please

    can any one tell me when i would press the esp button on my audi tt 225 and doese any one know what the tire pressure are to my wheels are 225 40 18 cheers every body and happy new year to you all:think:
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    sex sex and more sex ..well maby read on

    pasific cruise ship sinks with only 3 survivers,david,darren,and daisy.they swim to a small island and live there for a couple of years doin what comes naturally.but daisyfeels so bad bout havin sex with both david and darren she kills her self.sad for david and darren,but they get over it and...
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    CLUTCH PROBLEM HELP audi tt 225

    :sadlike: hi there can any one help when i hold my car on the bitting point at the top of a hill (audi tt 225)i get a knocking feeling coming thro the cluch peddle i have no loss in power its just that irritating noise been told it could be the thrust bearing any one have idea how much to get...
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    and another this is a good one !!!

    woman :jump: in hospital after havin a fanny tuck gets 3 bouquets 1 from her hubby 1 from the surgeon and one from the burns unit 2 say thanks for his new ears !!!!!!
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    heers another !!

    wife gets naked and askes hubby "wat turns you on more,my pretty face or my sexy body?"hubby looks her up and down and replies,"your fucken sence of humour!!!!!!:idea:
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    england !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    did you know scotland has been put on severe flood alert while 5 million jocks **** there self laughing:arco:
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    audi tt quatro not 4 wheel drive ?

    hi there every ,:nyah: one was up at audi and they told me me that every audi tt quatro are not 4 wheel drive they only come 4 wheel drive if you go in to a skid the front sensors detect a skid and relay this to the back wheels is this true i have a tt roadster 225 2002 model
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    lambda probe where is it ?

    hi there i have a lambda probe 1 and 2 to fit on my tt can any one tell me where they are and how to fit them many thanks davie:crying:
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    fit hazzard light on tt

    hi there when i put my indicators on some times they just freeze stay on in other words audi said i need a new hazzard switch what i got can any one give me some imformation how you go about fitting the new hazzard switch looks like i have to remove the whole dash can any one help thanks...
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    arnold clarke rip off merchants

    hi i bought a 2002 audi tt roadster off them arnold clarke that is can any one tell me what is included in there **** 30 day warrenty i was told to take my tt to audi to get the enjine management fixed and a few bits more and was told arnold **** head clarke would pay for the parts and not the...