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    4 Wheel Alignment -Geometry settings

    Hi, Does anyone have the right settings for the A^ ALlroad (02) alignment? I have already tried a new local Audi shop and so far they couldnt do it (machine calibration issues which are goign to take a few days to sort). I need to get it done ASAP (new arms fitted and alignment is off at...
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    100K service for 2002 Allroad - what to do

    My Allroad just crossed the 100K (miles) mark. I want to give it a good overhaul now - can anyone tell me what should be in the 100K service (timing belt already done).
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    Allroad Tracking - Seized tie/track rod ends and replacing parts

    Hi, Just replaced 4 tyres on my 02 Allroad after some very bad/uneven wear (having had it apparently tracked last year). Turns out the adjustment bolts for the rear camber are seized as are some of the front alignment adjustments. Hence the guy last year probably didn;t align it properly in...
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    Trip Computer Failure/Short-Circuit

    Hi, I have a problem with the trip computer on my 2002 allroad. If I turn on the ignition I can see the current/trip MPG/Distance/Remainig Fuel menus toggling through with the up/down buttons on the steering column stalk. However, if I hit the reset button on the stalk the centre consol...
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    Flooded Passenger Footwell - How to remove carpets

    Hi, I've just experienced the infamous flooded footwell passenger problem from a blocked drain in thw battery compartment (Allroad). I have cleared the blockage under the bonnet and have dried whatever surface water I could from the passenger floor carpet. The underside of this and all...
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    Allroad 2.5 V6 - Tuning options & experience

    Hi, Have a 2002 allroad. I have read a lot of varying posts re tunining/chipping/re-mapping options. I would like to get a bit more power and low-down torque out of the engine without putting it under too much strain i.e. I dont want to overtune and have something fail. I was wondering...
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    How to steal an allroad ?

    Hi, My 2002 AR was stolen from in front of my house recently. I'd appreciate your opinion on the facts: - We have two key fobs which were not taken during the robbery - No alarm went off - I bought the car from a garage 7 months ago - I found the car 10 days later parked up on a...
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    Buying a 2004 2.5 All-Road

    Hi, Apologies if I am duplicating a thread but I couldnt find it: I'm in the process of buying my first all-road (2004 2.5tdi automatic) and was wondering if anyone has a 'buying guide' of any sort I could use? What are the common faults or common wear points with this model and what...