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  1. AbsoluteA3

    Audi A3 8P w/FSI 2.0 engine, annoyingly noisy idle

    I'm the original owner of my 2007 A3 with 2.0 FSI engine (stock, no special tuning or mods). 90k miles, with timing belt done at 80k. No oil leaks. Compression is excellent and torque response still makes me smile. Oil consumption is a little higher than it was when new, but nothing out of the...
  2. AbsoluteA3

    Climate Control Unit mysteriously changed temp units of measure. How?

    When I performed my single-DIN to double-DIN stereo install (here), I had to replace the CCU because of a size difference due to position change (it sits lower on the panel). The unit I bought was from a US seller, but I don't know where they originally sourced the part. Upon first use, the unit...
  3. AbsoluteA3

    [Q] 2006~2008 8P Driver's door loom wires identification

    For those of you who repaired your driver's door wire loom (instead of replacing the entire loom), I have a question: Did any of you identify which wire fault causes the key fob unlock to not function? If so, please post. My wire loom had a problem where unlock & window control was completely...
  4. AbsoluteA3

    Running wiring from rear hatch to dashboard (A3 8P)--best approach?

    I'm going to be installing an aftermarket head unit in my center console and it will be able to provide navigation. My original stereo head unit is a Concert II, with no navigation. So I will need to run a wire from the rear (connected to the GPS antenna terminal) up to the dashboard. I'm...