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    It has come to my attention

    .....that there is a meet this Sunday. For those of you who have been to the Bucks meet, its at the same place - on the green. For those that haven't, come on - last one of the year and it looks set to be a biggie. Sadly the meets there this year have been hampered by inclement weather and...
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    Bucks meet - Tuesday 20th July

    I know this is in the wrong section and short notice again - sorry. The Wycombe (or Bucks/Berks) meet is due again, Tuesday 20th July at the Fleur de Lis, near Jct 5 of the M40. I WILL CONFIRM THIS ASAP The Fleur De Lis The Common Oxford Road Stokenchurch High Wycombe...
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    Wycombe Meet - Tuesday 15th June

    Firstly, I know this is in the wrong forum but for some reason I can't post a new thread in the meets section, sorry mods. Secondly, I know this is short notice, again sorry. Now to the point - Now the long summer nights are back with us, the Wycombe meet is back! 7 pm, Same venue as last...
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    MOVED: Wycombe Meet - Tuesday 15th June

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    Speed Cameras

    As you may or may not have seen in some of the papers last week / weekend, it would appear that finally speeding fines have been shown to be nice little earners for just about every police force in the country and are seemingly used purely for generating revenue. It would also appear that the...
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    MOVED: Speed Cameras

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    At the pub tonight - come back to my pride and joy to find some kind fellow has put the rear windscreen in and had a rummage in the boot. To this kind fellow - thanks you lowlife nobgrater. Can highly recommend RAC windscreens though. made the call at 11:20 this evening, 11:30 they...