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  1. S3redline

    Problem with "new" ABS control unit

    Hello! I just replaced my abs control unit and the abs pump. it seems there is a code for activating the new unit in the system. Anyone had problem with this? Now i can't delete the error and the yellow abs light is still on...
  2. S3redline

    Problems with the MOT

    Hi guys! The police tok my licensplates ;P They didn't like my aftermarked xenons.. And the problems is that the old owner of the car changed to some china xenons in the headlights and the foglights. Anyone know where i can get a good deal on OEM ballasts? allso i bought myself some new...
  3. S3redline

    Audi S3 brakes

    Hello fellow S3 drivers! I'm looking for some new brakes for my 2001 Aud S3! I need brakes discs and pads for the front and the back. Was thinking of something likes this: FRONT Brembo Max Brake Discs Audi A3 S3 quattro Hatchback 8L1 [1996-2004] | eBay with maybe yellow stuff pads. Needs to...
  4. S3redline

    Audi S3 open air filter

    Hi guys, im looking to buy a open air filter for my audi s3 8p. Do you have any recommendations??
  5. S3redline

    Looking to buy Front Foglight Grilles

    I know a lot of u guys have upgraded your s3's with FMIC and is no longer i need of the Foglight grills and the front bumper center grill. I need all 3 of them on my 2001 S3, anyone looking to sell?
  6. S3redline

    ESP Problem

    will this solve my problem? AUDI S3 ABS PUMP 2002 8N0 614 517 A 8N0 907 379 E | eBay
  7. S3redline

    ESP Problem

    anyone know what this code means? Controller: 8N0 907 379 E Component: ESP 20 CAN V005 Coding: 18448 Shop #: VCID: ????? ??? 06435 2 Fault Found: 01423 - 057 -G200- 01423 - 027 -G200- so it seems to be a problem with my Lateral Acceleration Sensor. Have anyone had that problem...
  8. S3redline

    Breaking warning!

    i rather just buy new pads with sensors when the old ones gets worn down. So no quick fix for getting the warning light to stop?
  9. S3redline

    Breaking warning!

    Hi everyone! i have some problem with the wiring to my front breakpad. How do i get the red ! warning sign in my dash to stop. i tryed to connect the wires togheter with no luck. seems like the guy who had the car before me didnt bother to buy breakpads with sensor.