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  1. RoyC

    Newbie with question

    Here is a list of how to's
  2. RoyC

    Retrofit parking sensors?

    Notes on retrofitting parking sensors/Audi Parking System in Audi A4/A5/A6 etc. (by LoCal) - Audi A6 Q7 A8 A4 A5 Retrofit Jlkiasennus Nachrsten Retro-fit
  3. RoyC

    Audi A6 S Line - Suspension too low?

    The mudflaps are part of the (protection package). I have mudflaps on my 2009 2.7 TDI s-line Avant, no rubbing at all but a very sporty suspension. I love it.
  4. RoyC

    A6 Passenger Airbag

    Are there any fuses marked air bag?
  5. RoyC

    Are there many A6 owners on here???

    They are all out enjoying their A6 :racer:
  6. RoyC

    What's the point of 2.7tdi auto

    I thought that the 3.0TDI was only available as a Quattro (tiptronic) where as the 2.7 is a Front Wheel Drive (Multitronic). I am more than pleased with my 2009 2.7 TDI (V6) s-line.
  7. RoyC

    Twin exhaust??

    One each side are s-line models, I think, as I have this on my s-line.
  8. RoyC

    Are there many A6 owners on here???

    Mine is a 2009 A6 2.7TDI s-line Avant
  9. RoyC

    Retrofit parking sensors?

    Does this help? Parking sensors suggestions? - AudiWorld Forums
  10. RoyC

    option code decoding

    On my 2009 avant its in the spare wheel well.
  11. RoyC

    A6 with Multitronic CVT:

    Look here multitronic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. RoyC

    SD Cards

    SDHC work fine in my 2009 A6 Avant 2.7TDI. I used W.M.Player to format my whole library onto a 16GB SDHC. I also put my sat nav onto an 8GB SDHC, that works ok as well.
  13. RoyC

    Newbie with question

    Look here Parking sensors suggestions? - AudiWorld Forums
  14. RoyC

    what spec does the sport have over a basic model ?

    See if you can find a brochure on ebay, that will tell you the difference between all models.
  15. RoyC

    What's my mirror? flat, convex, wide?

    Look in the front of your owners hand book to see what options are fitted to your car.
  16. RoyC

    multitronic problems

    There are no set number of gears with the Multitronic. The gear ratio is constantly changing. see here :- Continuously variable transmission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and here multitronic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia