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    For Sale Eibach Sportline Springs

    What's the price? Mr_Sport88
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    RS Grill Emblem Holder?

    Following. Interested in the same thing Mr_Sport88
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    Sat Nav/Blue tooth/Android Auto Issues

    It's not just Audi. It's all modern cars. There is more software in these cars now a days than actually basic mechanical parts Haha. If one sensor doesn't like something then the car will spit the dummy [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Mr_Sport88
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    Sat Nav/Blue tooth/Android Auto Issues

    You've helped me a few times indirectly bud Mr_Sport88
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    Sat Nav/Blue tooth/Android Auto Issues

    My car was still under warranty hence why I went back to Audi. I scanned mine with my VCDS and it gave me no fault codes. The only reason i found an issue i couldn't fix my self was by playing about on it and noticed that certain drivers where not installed when they should of been - I needed...
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    Comfort Suspension - Drop

    My wife knows small things about cars bit still hasn't noticed its mapped but would probably notice it lower lmao. Denny denny denny haha Mr_Sport88
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    Comfort Suspension - Drop

    Following as I'm planning the same. Just not told the wife yet [emoji1787][emoji1787] Mr_Sport88
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    Black Optics?

    I hot mine wrapped by a company and changed the front grill my self (bumper off job) and changed the back badge to carbon fiber. This they badge was less that £10 on ebay. I also got my rear lights tinted too and planning on dining my front ones in time. I have also sprayed my OME front...
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    Sat Nav/Blue tooth/Android Auto Issues has been in at audi and the 5F (I'm sure that what they called it) component was corrupted and had to be replaced and installed again. Took them 3 days to work it out as well Haha. Thanks for your help guys Mr_Sport88
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    We got a link etc? Mr_Sport88
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    Sat Nav/Blue tooth/Android Auto Issues

    Update.... I have scanned the car and nothing. I'm still stumped. I did notice while trolling through VCDS I got into my nav part and it says the controllers are not installed. Could they have some how removed? Mr_Sport88
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    Sat Nav/Blue tooth/Android Auto Issues

    I'm just waiting on my VCDS equipment coming and I will up load the scan Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Changing front brake pads

    I did mine 2 weeks ago my self and tbh its the easiest set I've ever done. You only need a couple of spanner (15mm and 13mm I'm sure for caliper (if not that's the rear)and 19mm or 22mm for carrier) 7mm Allen key. I'm sure that's all I needed. I did my rear and front on same day so cant...
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    Sat Nav/Blue tooth/Android Auto Issues

    It's a 2016. So far I have put it back to factory setting, delete off my phone and reinstalled AA and still nothing. What's concerning me is that its saying my bt is turned off and my nav is not active Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Sat Nav/Blue tooth/Android Auto Issues

    Hi, i am having major issues with the sat nav, voice commands, bluetooth, android auto and other parts of my MMI. i have my sat nav installed, use my blue tooth for phone music and also use android auto every time i get in my car. but all of a sudden my sat nav system is saying its not...