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  1. J

    Spongy brake pedal

    Although I have an 8P, bleeding the brakes makes a massive difference. When was the last time that you had your fluid replaced? I dont mean topped up or anything I mean totally replaced? Once you do that and still find a problem, then you can start worrying about your Master Cylinder. For...
  2. J

    Alarm going off randomly tonight!!!

    Ha it been raining a lot recently? Have you been driving the car in it? Problem ive had and a few other on the 8P is that water gets into the boot microswitch and it sets off the alarm when it "opens". Need to either wait for it to dry out (like I did) or remove the trim and dry put around the...
  3. J

    Sensitive ABS

    does the ABS light flash or supposed to flash when its working away? On my 8P it doesn't.
  4. J

    ESP light won't go out

    A mate of mine said that this happened with his 8P.. turned out to be his ABS unit. £1200 to replace!
  5. J

    New member from Aberdeen?

    I stay in Ellon but I am in Aberdeen/Dyce/Inverurie/Peterhead a lot of the time Got a 8P 2.0TDI QS in Black. AO55 reg start :)
  6. J

    My S3 is very tail happy in the wet on roundabouts

    Just a question from a complete novice.. why would faulty suspension cause the tail to step out? I can understand why tyres would..
  7. J

    V Power - Tesco 99. My 2 cents.

    filled up with my 3rd tank of Vpower and I think its working. If the person before me used the standard stuff it gave a est mileage of around 600mi with a full tank. (with all averages reset!) now with me its giving a est of 787mi per tank.. after 2 full tanks. could just be different driving...
  8. J

    This car really doesn't like me

    I got a scare when i first picked up my A3 last week, i put £60suid of Vpower in and when i turned the key it took about 10-15secs for the guage to move! I bricked it! :P
  9. J

    LED Side Lights

    is it just a case of swapping the LED with the old bulb? or any tweaking to do? are the higher intensity safe for the car (i.e no battery draining or error codes are gonna occur are they?)
  10. J

    V Power - Tesco 99. My 2 cents.

    Does this apply to diesels aswell? I only just picked up my A3 on Tuesday, and I filled up (didnt look at which pump i used, and i picked up the VP instead of the regular.. i did think £60+ for ~45L was a tad expensive!) with the VP instead of the regular. I'll fill up with regular diesel...
  11. J

    Bose system or not

    you should have silver trim on the driver/ front passenger doors around your speakers with the top having embossed "BOSE Sound System" on them.