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  1. shamus_mcd

    Gearbox fault

    Fault log
  2. shamus_mcd

    Gearbox fault

    Thanks I will be showing the garage this. I bought the car with 47k on it with FASH. I got it done about 50k mark when i realised it had to be done as Audi Preston girl not sure if done or not?? So to be on the safe side i got it done.. BAD MOVE as it turns out. May be a coinsidance but no...
  3. shamus_mcd

    Gearbox fault

    I have been getting the same issue in my 2012 A7. This started 10 miles after gearbox service. Garage saying its due to my map. Car has been mapped for about 5 months no issues until service.
  4. shamus_mcd

    eml just came on

    Just finished it 2 mins ago and looking good..My advice after much ****** about is..Take the motor off with the 3 torex bolts and support bracket..i used grips as no access.Took of pipe from air filter just 2 jubilee clips but left wiring on. Also left the wiring on motor.I took off bottom ball...
  5. shamus_mcd

    eml just came on

    Any ony know how to get the clip back on on bank 1? Drivers side. The clip is on thr bottom. Keeps falling off
  6. shamus_mcd

    Automatic headlight wash

    Direwolf congrats on the new car. I know the coupe boot is big enough gor twin pram as we have 17mth old twins. But wife sold her ST3 for a touran does the job well. ps sleep is for lighweights :-)
  7. shamus_mcd

    3.0 TDi...what next?

    Look forward to hearing it and seeing what power is after watch this
  8. shamus_mcd

    Debating a 3.0 TDI Quattro A5 Coupe...

    Anything from about 23 to about 45 easy going mway driving. mapped to about 300bhp 600nm. tbh i like a blast.
  9. shamus_mcd

    eml just came on

    Guys got a hold of vcds and reset all codes.eml came back and after looking about i found out the linkage arm for the motors for the swirl flaps are a common cause due to wear being as how audi put plastic ones in. i have ordered replacement ones from ebay oem parts as i also gound out if you...
  10. shamus_mcd

    S5 vs RS4

    I had an M5 and tbh i would be looking at the RS4. These cars are not bought for you worrying about pence per mile if so don't go there. Just my tupence worth mate from experiance.
  11. shamus_mcd

    eml just came on

    Guys my eml came on a couple of days ago as car had not turned a wheel for over took a bit longer to turn over than norm so put on charge and light went out.until today the lights back on and staying on, car driving as per normal.i noticed it smelled a bit more when idling (may just be...