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  1. A3sportbackMark

    Music failed to load

    Switching on the music in the car this morning, the MMI displayed the message Loading Source Please wait... and I waited, the music never came. I was attempting to play music from the SD card, changed the source to the AMI using a USB memory stick and then to the phone through Bluetooth...
  2. A3sportbackMark

    Tyre pressure monitoring and VCDS

    Is it possible to enable the tyre pressure monitoring via VCDS? If not, is it possible to have it retrospectively fitted? just thinking back to my old car which seemed to attract nails in the tyre, early warning would have meant the tyre could be repaired rather than a new one.
  3. A3sportbackMark

    Airbag passenger light

    Should the passenger airbag light come on (indicating off) when you start the engine? Mine comes on for 4 seconds then goes off. I hadn't ever notice the light until yesterday, maybe my lack of observation. I also notice you can turn the passenger airbag off by a switch in the glove...
  4. A3sportbackMark

    Class of 63 - got the hang of things?

    Thought I'd set up a thread for all the new car owners to see how you are getting on with all the new gadgets. And maybe the old hands can put us right with their experience. I had a strange experience this morning when parking my new car, there were 2 issues, one of which I can't explain...
  5. A3sportbackMark

    Race for a 63 plate

    Well, less than a month to go for the new 63 plate. Who will the the 1st to have the new reg? Like quite a few other people on here, I have been waiting months, although the car is built I am waiting for those extra few painful weeks for the new reg. Not sure if the waiting will be more...
  6. A3sportbackMark

    A3 SE trim, is this popular?

    Many, many moons ago when I was in the process of ordering, I read somewhere that the split of expected sales between SE, sport and s-line was 40/30/30% respectively (may have % split wrong way round between trims). Having been on this site since April, it appears to me that the s-line is by far...
  7. A3sportbackMark

    Xenon light package, advice please.

    After reading various posts and seeing lots of great pics ( thanks to all) I am wavering whether to add the option of the xenon light package. The description of it looks great, but I havn't actually seen any apart from the audis I see on the road. Anyone who has the package, I'd be grateful...