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  1. TMP-Audi

    B9 Views on RS Sport suspension plus with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC)

    I have started looking at changing our B9 S4 Avant for a B9 RS4. Seems DRC is a rare option. Keen to get views on the ride quality on 20's with or without? Also if any one has compared it back to back, be great to hear views too. Thanks!
  2. TMP-Audi

    Will anyone buy a diesel S4 and will that help drive up values on the petrols?

    as above, curious to this imho mad move by Audi..
  3. TMP-Audi

    S4 First oil service / parts

    Hi , could someone please PM me an Audi invoice, or post the part numbers? I have a had a good Indy quote, but would like to make sure they are using the proper Audi parts. I may still have this serviced at the main dealer, if I can get the price match involved. Current dealer pricing is £339...
  4. TMP-Audi

    S4 Avant auto load cover has stopped retracting

    S4 Avant auto load cover has stopped retracting - any ideas? It happened when I refitted the Load cover after taking it out for a big box. The runners just seem stuck at the bottom.
  5. TMP-Audi

    B9 S4 Avant - best deals?

    So sold Wifey's Cayenne S quicker than I expected, and i think I want an S4 Avant to replace it. Any ideas for best in stock / preregistration deals? Otherwise I may have to wait if I have to for my perfect spec / right deal. Coast2Coast are offering the most off currently - i.e. in the...
  6. TMP-Audi

    Possible M6 to RS3 thoughts and few spec questions

    So the M6 is an immense car, probably the best I ever had, but next car I want a more suited daily driver and maybe a track hack at some future point. After the disappointment of the M2 (and this could be due to comparing it to the M6!), i think a complete change will be better for the daily -...
  7. TMP-Audi

    Thinking about an S4....

    Hello, been a while since I was on here. I ended up with my wife's 8P A3 a couple of years ago which I found was very nice place to sit and cruise, but a very average and unrewarding drive so quickly went back to a Beamer. Now thinking of changing it for one last petrol and the S4 is high on...
  8. TMP-Audi

    So, am I in the wrong to do 30 in a 30?

    Before I start to rant, I am not one of those ‘speed camera hugging’ lefties who believe the national budget should be supplement by speeding motorists. Indeed, I have had many fun drives on national speed limit B roads . But, I have had enough of people speeding in 30mph zones. These ignorant...
  9. TMP-Audi

    Higher speed rating on 1 new tyre?

    Wife (with baby in back) got a puncture/blow out yesterday on the passenger front. Luckily she was slowing down for a roundabout on a duel carriageway so she managed to pull in safely - could of been quite interesting at 70mph. She said there was a loud bang and then the TPS alarmed (so at least...
  10. TMP-Audi

    Fears of petrol hitting £1.50/litre this summer :ohmy: Goverment need to do something....lower fuel tax?
  11. TMP-Audi

    A3 Multi-function steering wheel - Hah!

    Hi All, There have been quote a few threads about the lack of use the buttons have on the Multi-function steering wheel. I have another question, that I feel is going to let me down further... On the tuner scroll wheel, regardless if you scroll or down, it does not move to the next station...