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  1. slayaz

    S3 - Drive mode start in Dynamic / S

    The title may not be clear but this is what i have noticed. If the car is is auto or comfort or economy and I cycle through the drive select to dynamic (or individual if you have engine noise set up as loud), the the engine note changes, the idle increases and it hold the revs for longer. It...
  2. slayaz

    S3 Finally got detailed!

    So I have finally got round to getting my S3 detailed. I am incredibly happy with the results. It was done by a lovely guy called Lee from based in Kent. The paint looks better than when it was new!
  3. slayaz

    Locking wheel nuts with spacers

    Hi people. I will be putting some spacers on my S3 (thanks @Magicfiver ), I've got 20mm back and 15mm front. I have longer wheel bolts, but will need to get some locking wheel bolts, so my questions are; As the rear pacers are 20mm and the fronts are 15mm, can i get away with one set, or do...
  4. slayaz

    Tech Pack / Audi Connect

    So I'm patiently waiting for my S3 (due 23rd Nov), and my colleague has taken delivery of a New Q7(ordered at the same time, back at the end of July!!). It is lovely, but f**k me, it's HUUUUUGE. He has the S Line and it has lots of toys as standard, including Audi Connect. We chucked in a sim...
  5. slayaz

    First time Audi owner from Surrey, UK

    Hi to everyone here! I am looking forward to being a part of the Audi fraternity! I have just had my order confirmation for a S3 Saloon in Sepang blue with a few extras. I am so excited, I can't wait!