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  1. dieselguy

    Safety Recall: 80C5 heater element

    Hi, got a recall from Audi suggesting that the supplementary heater needs to be replaced as it can lead to smoulder damage or even fire. Anyone else got this recall? Inconvenient as it is, sounds pretty important.
  2. dieselguy

    Xenon bulbs - B8 A4

    Hi, do we know which D3S bulbs that Audi uses? is it Osram or Phillips, or other? Thanks.
  3. dieselguy

    Tyres - Where to buy

    Hi, I used to buy the tyres for my car from Camskill. But found out that they don't do the Pirelli R18 245/40 tyres anymore. Is there another good site to get them? Or if anyone recommends others like Conti or Goodyear I would also like to consider others. Cheers.
  4. dieselguy

    Basic question on camera detection sensitivity in parking mode

    Hi, have a basic question. Would the in car camera detect someone keying your car in parking mode? I know it will detect a bump but what about key scratch where it may not be done with the same force. Thanks.
  5. dieselguy

    A4 Servicing Recommendations

    Hi All, My A4 Avant needs oil change, air/pollen/fuel filter change and gear box oil change. Called a couple of Audi garages and they are all quoting me £700+ for these. So I was thinking, if there is a cheaper Indi Specialist (who is good obviously), I would consider it. Only thing is...
  6. dieselguy

    Air conditioning service

    How important is the air con service? mine is due to be serviced, but I am not sure if its that necessary as it works fine. Not sure if its just a regular reminder by dealers based on timed intervals. Would be grateful for some views.
  7. dieselguy

    Safety recall - Airbag control unit A4 models

    Not sure if any other A4 drivers out there also got a Recall Letter from Audi UK regarding the airbag control unit software. It's a bit of a pain to have to book it in, but at least they are being proactive about it.
  8. dieselguy

    Lights, camera, action…...

    Hello, I'm here to get some opinions really. A local country road was recently changed from 40 to 30 mph. There is only 1 sign showing the new 30mph limit. There were some contractors (apparently acting for the police) who set up a mobile camera. I'm pretty sure I was just over 30 when i went...
  9. dieselguy

    People don't indicate these days.....

    Weather was nice today so I cycled to work. On way home, this stupid woman driver just decided to turn left in front of me to a side road without any indication. So I brake like mad and fall off, scraping my leg just to avoid hitting her car. She sits in her car to wait for me to get up. I get...
  10. dieselguy

    Non fault claim

    Does anyone know if non fault claims will increase the premium by a significant amount? The NCB will be reduced but do you get penalised a lot more for making a claim? Car was damaged in a parking garage. So will have to make a claim. Since the insurance company can't get the money back (no...
  11. dieselguy

    Alloy repair advice

    Anyone got any recommendations on how to repair some light stone chip damage on alloy wheels? Ideally i would like to try it myself first before (potentially expensive) professional alloy reconditioning as its not that bad.
  12. dieselguy

    Breaking bad

    Don't know if any of you watch this series. It's fantastic, I highly recommend it….
  13. dieselguy

    A4 Avant servicing

    Hi does anyone know how much a service cost? My A4 avant (11 months old)'s MMI tells me I'm 1400 miles from oil change and 1000 miles from service. Am I correct in assuming that there is a fixed price for a service which includes oil change? And is this price same no matter which dealer I go to...
  14. dieselguy

    Dealer waiting times

    A bit of a rant. Been driving bmws for 10 yrs, got fed up with the dealership incompetence and the amount of time it takes to book the car in (with a courtesy car). Now that I moved onto Audis, the dealership experiences feels exactly the same. Waiting times are like 3 to 4 weeks to get car...