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  1. Hector8

    18" RS6 alloys (New style)

    The wife came home last night with a flat tyre and turns out she has cracked the rim. The alloys are starting to peel and look terrible so time to change. She currently has 17" RS6 S Line 5 arm (Old Style). I know a lot change to the RS4's but I like the idea of the new RS6's Would anyone...
  2. Hector8

    What paint colour is this

    Found this thread while browsing and love this S3 I don't think its Ming, is it Santorin or Azure blue??
  3. Hector8

    Red S3's

    Im starting to like the S3 in red. I dont see many about. I know theres Misano and Absolute..any others , pics would be great. Would love to see some really nice S3's in red. Im still on the look out but just cant decide on colour. Usually when i choose a new car to look for i know the...
  4. Hector8

    Anyone know this noggy blue

    Here is the pistonheads link Audi : 44k Mint Nogaro Blue Audi S3 Thanks
  5. Hector8

    Wanted Kingfisher S3

    Just thought id post my wanted ad here. Preferably the BAM 225 engine I see there is two on pistonheads at the mo but looking something with lower milege if possible. I have a Mk4 Gt tdi 150bhp completely standard for swaps or will sell if i can get a kingfisher. contact me...
  6. Hector8

    Getting more power from my 2.0tdi

    Okay, to get straight to the point I have remapped her usinga vspireserial program from a local rally tuner.Never been rolling roaded so not sure what shes sitting at.I am looking for that wee bit extra now as I had a race with a friend of mine,he was in a v6 renaultsport clio and we were neck...
  7. Hector8

    My A3

    Finally got pics of my motor up.It aint been the best weather for photographs in a while.(a few old pics also) I'm kind of a newbie on here so go easy. Additional extras. Tracker Bose Votex front skirt Fk Konigsports(dont ask what height) 19"BBS ch Vspire serial program 175bhp Customised...
  8. Hector8

    BBS CH's on a silver A3 8p

    Im thinking about getting these alloys but iv only ever seen them on darker cars, has anyone gots pictures of them on a silver audi so I can see if they look the part or not.Thinking about getting 19" btw. other advice would be welcomed also!
  9. Hector8

    Anyone here from N.Ireland!

    I have been on this forum alot but never actually registered. Found it very helpful in the past. I have made my album gallery and looked at others.There are some really nice motors on here.