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  1. Jimmgc51

    Sold RS3 Carpet Mats - Autostyle Ones - Front & Back

    Bought these from Autostyle about 6 month ago and so pretty much brand new. Have the RS logo stitched into them with rock stitching surround, look mint and cost £80 NEW Looking for £50 including postage
  2. Jimmgc51

    For Sale Rubber Mats - A3 - Front & Back & Boot Tray

    These are the official Audi ones cost about £90 from Audi Also have the plastic boot liner, this is from a RS3 Sportback so not sure about fitment £60 for the lot Rubber driver mat has a little heel indentation but nothing too bad Collection only really for their heavy and the boot try won't...
  3. Jimmgc51

    Thinking of selling

    So I said I would never sell private just cos this is an RS and really dont want to go through potential idiots wasting my time however anyone on this forum I'd consider as long as they have a few posts under their wing and not just signed up. Anyway, I'm on the verge of landing a new job which...
  4. Jimmgc51

    RS3 now but what next..

    So after having my RS for 1.5 years my priorities in life have changed and I’m now looking to sell it off at 2 years (of my ownership) and look for something else. I think I want to downgrade and enjoy a couple of years of cheap motoring, whilst spending the surplus on holidays & house...
  5. Jimmgc51

    Sportback Audi Assist Renewal - Transferable

    Looking to renew my roadside assist for a further year or two but unsure if this is transferable if I decided to sell next year. It's £145 for 2 years or £90 for 1 so makes sense to pay for 2 then if I sell it goes to new owner, just nothing in the T&C's states if it's transferable. I know the...
  6. Jimmgc51

    My Audi's broken - P0011 Error

    Just flashed up on the dash round the corner from my house, not going very fast at all and ECS light came on with rev limiter (Do not exceed 4,000 RPM). When I got it home it was idling rough on the driveway. Pretty lucky the warranty has 10 days left on it :yes: In Audi now so fingers crossed...
  7. Jimmgc51

    RS3 Servicing Prices

    So Iv'e done a bit of searching and can't really find a decent thread with rough prices of what OP have paid to have there RS3's serviced. Mine is now due for it's 3rd year and I'm a bit surprised how much Audi is wanting to charge, I mean I know it's an RS3 but just shy of a 1K .... really...
  8. Jimmgc51

    Sportback Brake Change Advice

    So the brake light has come on and Audi have quoted.... I'll let anyone reading this sit down for a moment... £1,199 and of course that's including new discs for they ALWAYS need replacing. Anyway I disagree the disc has a 1mm lip and they feel and look fine so they are staying put and after...