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  1. RPB

    New Alloy Care / Sealant

    I've just had the Gyeon Rim applied to my car this week. Am waiting for it to rain now so I can see how that, the Gyeon view and the Gyeon MOHS+ behaves when wet. LOL. I'm enjoying the gloss at the moment so am not washing it yet.
  2. RPB

    Audi A3 TDi S-Line DSG - Akoya Silver - Full detail + PICS

    I too have to say, only 3.5 hours to do all that? That is some good work in that time. Very nice.
  3. RPB

    my Ice Silver S3 Detail including Autofinesse triple AIO & Collinite 476S Review

    Cracking job indeed! well done ;)
  4. RPB

    My Ibis White S3 and Nick at cleandetail............

    ROB, I ain't saying how much but it was not cheap! lol. Prices for most of the work are on his website though. I've never spent this before on detailing but i wanted the Gyeon coatings too which are not cheap either. I am hoping for the 2 year warranty to be worth it :)
  5. RPB

    Detailer up north

    Nick is at Car Detailing & Car Valeting - Cleandetail Doncaster, Yorkshire
  6. RPB

    My Ibis White S3 and Nick at cleandetail............

    Various photos of Nick's work. A top job really well done :) Usual very involved wash process Clay bar used 2 stage machine polish Gyeon MOHS+ on paint, 3 layers, each layer infra red baked on, then final Gyeon Phobic top layer. Polish on top of that to cover it for a few weeks also Gyeon view...
  7. RPB

    Ibis S3 withWerkstat acrylic pics

    Werkstatt Acrylic ftw! I love it and so simple for me to keep applying or topping up with Werkstatt Glos. Dead easy to work with for me when someone like Jim has started it off! lol
  8. RPB

    Ibis S3 withWerkstat acrylic pics