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    and it looks like its been in a fight with a kurb... and the kurb won.. distroying two of the wheels.. and damaging the rs4 brakes.. untold damage to the suspension and other components?
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    The Stance Thread

    Picture Wheels BMW Tiger Claw ( X5 Wheels) 10j rear 9j front ET46 215 35 19 tyres with nice stretch Spacers/Adaptors H+R 5x112 > BMW Fitment (20mm Spacer) Suspension Standard Sport suspension ( 20mm lowering) looking to buy coilovers shortly Arch work: Non as of yet, gonig to get...
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    Coilovers getting fitted

    Mate they cant be that hard to fit? i have fitted coilovers to a range of cars and the only issues i have ever encountered are getting the old ones off due to rusty bolts and nuts ect :)
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    jessie 123

    Hi I work for a fleet company and we have had nothing but problems with the DPFs on VWs Audis ect people dont blast the car enough to clear the dense filter so it clogs up, lilcoz is correct in saying you can get it charged again but its only a temp fix... the only thing that keeps it clear is...
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    Just ordered my CAI what next?

    no point getting the mapping in place for stage one if you do have them plans for the exhaus, flywheel and injectors ect.. unless they will upgrade your map for free to stage 2+? as your going to pay for two tuning sessions... your car will happily potter round with the CAI and Exhaust with...