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    Whats your Coilover Experience like???????

    Ok, wanted to start this thread to get peoples feedback on certain makes of coilovers, how was the drop, how was the ride like etc. I've recently fitted V maxx coilovers to my A3 and although the build quality is great for the money i cant help but feel the ride of my A3 has been ruined. I've...
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    HELP! Knocking noise after fitting v maxx coilovers

    Hi guys, need some help Fitted my v maxx coilovers on saturday and apart from a little rubbing issue that is now sorted every thing is fine. Then yesterday out of the blue the car developed a knocking noise from the front, if you slow down and then pull away it knocks and if you slow down fast...
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    Busy weekend, Coilovers and Bentleys now fitted

    Finally got round to fitting my V maxx coilovers (supplied by N8) Great bit of kit for the money, this is how she was sitting on the standard rims after they were fitted, needs the rear lowered just a little bit more and then i'll be happy with the height. but thought i'd wait till the bentleys...
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    Front grills

    Hi guys Are the 1 piece grills the same right from 05 up to 2011? or do the differ? Thanx
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    Help needed for my 9x19 Bentley splits.

    Hi guys I've just picked up a set of mint 9x19 Bentley Split rims as pictured below. Now from reading on here i understand that the tyre needed to fit these on the A3 is a 215/35/19. I've just been down to my local tyre place to get some tyres fitted and the guy there refused to fit that tyre...
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    Coilover help

    Hi guys I'm looking at purchasing some JOM coilovers for my 04 TDI A3, do i also need to buy new drop links to fit these?? When i bought my KW coilovers for my M3 they supplied shorter drop links, but the JOM coilovers dont come with any? Thanx guys Paul
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    Paul-S3's Project StealthTDI build thread.....

    Hi guys Thought i'd start up a build thread for my latest project car. It's a 2004 A3 tdi 140, 60k on clock with full audi history. I saw a few dogs before i found this clean solid example and now i'm itching to start the modding. I've been on the M3 scene for the last few years having owned 3...
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    Where can i get a tdi mapped in south wales

    Ok guys Should be the owner of a 2.0 tdi by the weekend and would like to get it remapped asap Anyone know of any decent mappers in the south wales area and rough prices Thanx
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    Double grill to single grill

    Hi guys, Can you change an early a3 8p double grill bumper to an s line single grill bumper without changing headlights and bonnet. Is it just a case of buying a s line single grill bumper with grill and re fitting? thanx
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    Hi guys My steering rack on my 2007 s3 is fudged and i need a new one. I've been offered one second hand off a low mileage 2010 car. will this fit my 2007 s3 ok? Thanx
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    Advice on using Reflect-a-gold.

    Ok, i've recently bought a nuespeed induction kit and it has been recommended that i wrap the piping in reflect-a-gold. I've got a roll of 1.5" by 30 feet. Do i start from turbo end or filter end? Do i cut into strips of do i keep the roll constant? thanx
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    Cheap mod for £12, major cosmetic difference.......recommended

    Well, for £12 this has to be one of the most bang for buck mods i've made to the s3 so far, lol Bought a set of these off the bay AUDI S3 8P 8PA 2007 NO CANBUS ERROR SIDELIGHT LED BULB on eBay (end time 06-Jun-11 23:27:03 BST) Led sidelights, once fitted it makes a hell of a visual...
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    Changing exhaust advice

    Hi guys I've bought a milltek cat back exhaust and plan to fit it on the weekend. I just jacked the car up to have a look at the job ahead ready for the weeknd and i'm slightly confused, what the hell is that thing connected to the tailpipes???? it's like a sort of actuator with a vac pipe...
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    Nuespeed P Flow induction for S3 8p

    Hi guys Any of you guys running these, whats the feedback? Was gonna buy an ITG but when i phoned AWESOME today to order one he talked me into buying this one instead. Any info much appreciated Thanx
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    Just a few pics of my Ibis White S3

    Well, i've had the car for 5 days now and i absolutely love it, i sold an e46 M3 to buy the S3 and i'm so glad i did as I much prefer the S3. The car is currently running standard power but i've just purchased a milltek exhaust and itg cai so will be off to get some re map action very soon. The...
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    Audi S3 car mats - PICS

    Hi guys Well, as you know i recently bought an audi s3 this week. The car for some reason had no car mats in it so i've been hunting for a decent set and found some so thought i'd share with you guys Bought them off these guys, speak to george and he'll sort you out. I had them in a dark...
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    Newbie saying hi from south wales + pics

    Hi guys, newbie here from south wales saying hi Just picked myself up a 57 plate audi S3 in ibis white on monday. I absolutely love it and it's 10x better than the m3 it replaced. Anyway, here's some pics, hope you like
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    Audi S3 fitted car mats??

    Ok guys, just bought a S3 8p today today, absolutely loving it. only thing is the car didnt have any mats in it. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a set of S3 mats with the s3 logo on? Good quality ones that match the interior and also have the clips to pop them in. Any pics guys...
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    Newbie S3 8P owner after tuning advice.

    Hi guys Well i've found the S3 i've been looking for and i'm picking it up 2moro. 57 plate S3 in white (pics below) with completely standard engine. This i where i need your advice. What mods do i need to get the car pushing 300 bhp+ ? And can anyone recommend the best tuners out there to do...
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    Buying Advice for s3 8p

    Hi guys Been a while since i've been on here since i sold my old S3 8l. Anyway, decided to come buy and by another S3 but an 8P this time so looking for some advice. What things should i be looking for? I've seen one with 58k on it so was wondering what mileage the cambelt is due for a change...