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  1. dbm

    RNS-E stutter?

    Does anyone else have this problem? Occasionally my RNS-E will stutter in playback - the same fraction of a second will play again. It doesn't matter whether I'm listening to the radio or my iPhone via AMI. My car is a 2011 RS3, and the unit was factory fitted from new. I also have Bose...
  2. dbm

    To be or not to be dsg

    I am on my third DSG car, and I've converted my wife as well. The highest mileage I personally have had is 88k miles with a DSG (2008 TTS) and it was flawless throughout. I'll never have any other type of gearbox again.
  3. dbm

    A3x ??

    Why would anyone put a badge which didn't belong on their car. Outrageous ;)
  4. dbm

    Good Experiences with Audi Dealers

    Bought my RS3 from Cambridge Audi, Simon Fisher was a really great sales guy, did me a good part-ex on my TTS over the phone when my local dealership couldn't be bothered.
  5. dbm

    Now refused the S3

    Request copies of all materials which refer to you under Article 7 of the Data Protection Act. Be sure to request copies of any emails. You will need to apply in writing; they should be able to give you form to do this.
  6. dbm

    Now refused the S3

    Anyone can set up a Google Alert for any keywords they are interested in. Add another spot of positive feedback for Vindis Cambridge - they made buying my RS3 a much better experience than my local dealership offered.
  7. dbm

    Time now to change the winter tyres and have 4 wheel alignment

    They are well known locally for being a good place to take AWD cars.
  8. dbm

    Time now to change the winter tyres and have 4 wheel alignment

    I had a set of four fitted to my motor about a month ago - they are a great tyre. Just waiting for the sub-zero temperatures to go away now...
  9. dbm

    S3 8L vs A3 3.2 v6

    I went from a modified 8L S3 to a 3.2QS with DSG so I can give you a direct comparison. The S3 is the more agile car, and with sensible modification is faster too. The 3.2 is a more comfortable car for doing the miles, especially with the DSG box. The 1.8t pulls hard, the 3.2 sounds fantastic...
  10. dbm

    So, new A3 then?

    What do people think about the new A3? I think I like it.
  11. dbm

    Audi Preston Experiences

    I've been using them for about 9 years now and they've always done a good job for me.
  12. dbm

    Changing DSG from Drive to Sport while in motion?

    Yes, you can go from D to S on the move. Just be careful if you are in the middle of a manoeuvre when doing this - the 'box might decide to drop down a gear and it can leave you with no power for a fraction of a second. I was nearly caught out by this when I first had my DGS and changed to S...
  13. dbm

    New model and torque vectoring?

    Haldex have a system which can do torque vectoring (it was used on the Vauxhall Insignia) but I would agree that it can't put 85% of the power to the rear under 'normal' circumstances. Any more rumours out there? Cheers, Dan
  14. dbm

    New model and torque vectoring?

    Hi all, Has anyone heard any reliable rumours about when the new generation of the A3 will be released? And do we think the quattro versions will have torque vectoring? It's pretty poor when a Nissan crossover has a more sporty AWD system than an S3... Cheers, Dan
  15. dbm

    Talk me into (or out of) an S3 Sportback

    Whilst that used definitely to be true, look at the A5. The first two models released were the S5 and the TDi quattro. So maybe the Audi strategy has changed now... Cheers, Dan
  16. dbm

    Big Brotherwatching You !!

    Whilst I agree that this kind of technology is undesirable, and it would probably signal my emigrating, I am comfortable that it will not come on line in the next 5 or 10 years. I work in IT, testing large computer systems, and the sheer volume of data which needs to be processed to make this...
  17. dbm

    I ran out of talent!!

    I've done both the Audi driving days in the UK, had great fun and learned some useful skills. Can't recommend them highly enough. Glad to hear you are OK, Cheers, Dan
  18. dbm

    Goodbye S3!

    Beautiful car! There is one that lives near me, and the reg includes '007' somehow. Not sure if that is cool or sad... Enjoy it! Cheers, Dan
  19. dbm

    DSG issues...

    The simplest way to defrost a jar is a jug of warm (not hot) water. Works every time in a matter of seconds. I'm on my second DSG car. The first one did develop a tendency to be very jerky and clunky when moving away from standstill. My driving style at the time might have been a factor, as...
  20. dbm

    WHITE cars are giving me sleepless nights... (Poll)

    The next six months will tell us whether white is here to stay, in the UK at least. Dirty and salted roads = mucky grey car, not white! That, more than any other reason, is why the colour dropped out of rgular use in my opinion. I would say that the trigger for it coming back was the Mk5...